Monday, April 1, 2013

By the time you read this post, I'm already on my way to Japan.
This is written on Saturday, March 30th.

When the decision was made, I was left with many things unsolved which is why the supposed to be a week of rest turned to be a hectic week of finishing unfinished schedules. A plan to have random walk with my friends were made weeks ago but the others, such as visiting dentist, going back and forth to my campus, and so on. Yesterday was a fun day, we had breakfast on McD then went to my friend's tutor. She is a Japanese and her house is so mori!! I didn't take any picture because it was rude to do so, or so I think. But I swear, her room looks like it's coming out of Mori Photoshoot Set. After then, we walked out and about, taking random pictures (my friends took them with their DSLR hence the lack of photo), talking, laughing; all the things you do with friends. We had lunch at House of Wok, all of us, except me, ordered Fried Rice but we couldn't finish it. I was planning to go back by 2 but we spent another hour or so trying to get a good group picture, I messed up tho. It was so hot, I couldn't think straight, thankfully, I managed to drive back home safely. I had dinner with him, Mie Jawa is the most delicious thing on earth, I wouldn't be able to eat this again until next year so I eat to my heart content (been doing this for a week tbh). Today, I went again to the dentist and even though I was struggling to keep my eyes open, I greeted my cousins and family who came this afternoon to bid their farewell. Truthfully, I'm a little miffed about the whole deal because I really want to have a whole day to rest but I have to wait for another year until I can meet them again, so I resist. It was fun, I'm so blessed to have them around me. Me and mom tried to pack earlier and...all things I want to bring fit in the trunk but I seriously need to take some things off haha it's so heavy and I don't want to bring too many things. I had to left my skirt and wool jacket for practical reason. My boots also...I hope I can have them shipped my boots to me this Fall.

I hope I can have a lazy morning tomorrow. I seriously need to rest, rest and enjoy my house because I'm not coming back here until next February. I will blog again once I arrived. Till then, folks.
I'm a creeper, it's official.
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