Thursday, April 4, 2013



On April 1st I finally arrived in Japan!! There's problem with the internet but I finally get the hang of it now. Since I'm not used to the cold yet, 10ºC is killing me, I'm shivering badly on the first day. On Tuesday, rain started to fall, it's really horrible, the temperature reached 8 degrees!! I didn't remember how did I survive. But moving around is the key to keep myself warm so I started to stretch after 15 minutes or so. The rain yesterday was horrible, not to mention the strong wind, I was on my way to Orientation and the wind nearly blow me away --" Thankfully, it stopped around 3 pm and I happily hopped outside to take pictures. See, the wind even blew down the bicycle. There's this place where all bicycles were thrown around but I didn't post it here lol. I will be going out and about again tomorrow, since the forecast said it'll be sunny all day, I will dress up properly.

Yes, everyone here dressed adorably. While I was shivering there's this girl walking in shorts and stockings, and I was like; how could you I can't T___T
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