Thursday, April 25, 2013

Either Sunny or Cloudy


As I mentioned on previous post, last Saturday, I went to Asakusa and Shibuya with other exchange students. We were supposed to watch a Samurai Festival but since it was so crowded, it was impossible to watch it. We were disappointed but at least we got to eat our conbini bought bento while watching Tokyo Sky Tree and people water-skiiing. After then, we spent our time in Asakusa Traditional Market where my friends went crazy buying bags and what nots, I only bought a mitarashii dango which is perfect for someone with sweet tooth like me lol. After that, I went to Shibuya to meet Japanese people who is learning Indonesian language and some other Indonesian students. I wish I could take more picture but since it was raining, I didn't dare to take out my camera. I only captured few pictures, this one I posted here is a view as seen from 2nd floor of the infamous Shibuya 109. We ended up in a sushi restaurant where I ate lots of delicious sushi, it's true, Japanese sushi is on whole different level. It's so fresh and delicious ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

On Sunday I spent a whole day without going out of my room, I was so tired because I rarely sit at all on Saturday (the only time I sit down to rest was on the Ginza Line from Asakusa to Shibuya, in restaurant, and in my last train) ( ̄へ ̄). Anyways, I went to Tachikawa on Tuesday to get my baito permission with my Senpai. The initial plan was; go to immigration office > visit book off for STUDY RELATED BOOKS ONLY > buy daily needs at Daiso > eat lunch > go back. That's pretty much the whole plan. However, since me and my Senpai are both girls, we couldn't help but to;
image get inside a drug store because I saw Dolly Wink lashes. Turn out it was SUN DRUG and they sell lots and lots of drug store make up products including Majolica Majorca and Canmake.
Do you need to guess what happened next? I bought them.
image My Senpai couldnt' find the book she's looking for, we ended up at manga and CD Section.
image We got sidetracked as we passed a clothes bazaar that sell secondhand items and spent about 30 minutes there
image Went to Daiso, went as planned...or not because I ended up looking at the cooking and baking instruments instead of looking for what I need --"
Yeah, I learned that in Japan, self-restraint is a must! If necessary, empty out your pocket so only transportation and lunch fee is in it, it keeps you from buying things! But of course, there's no helping window shopping (ι´Д`)ノ

Since I was out of bb cream last Monday, I've been planning to get new bb cream and the bb cream I've been eyeing is Canmake Perfect Serum BB Cream. It has SPF 50. PA+++ which is a huge improvement from my previous Shini Star BB Cream (SPF20.PA++). I cut my old bb cream and found out there're still some amount of BB Cream left so I haven't use Canmake's  BB Cream at all.

The other item I bought was what makes me interested in make up on the first place, it's Majolica Majorca Puff de Cheek. I swear had I never encounter this product, I will never be interested in make up. At all. I didn't think much and grabbed the one in Cherry Macaron since I assumed the other colour won't show up on my skin. It's so pretty I'm scared to use it but I have used it once this Wednesday. It sits on my cheeks beautifully but since yesterday's weather was pretty bad and I had to went grocery shopping, this baby couldn't survive the harsh wind (ι´Д`)ノ

the one on the left is in room lightning while on the right is under sunlight.
both are pretty but the sunlit one is more true to colour 
。◕ ‿ ◕。
I can't wait to wear this again but my skin condition has been bad щ(ಥДಥщ). I has small pimples developing all over my cheek and horrible redness on my nose area. I didn't know why, it could be hormones but it could be because I have been using Hadalabo Lotion for past weeks. Despite knowing that it could trigger break out on oily skin, I still went ahead and buy it since on the first two weeks my skin was so dry. I still cannot say for sure it's hadalabo's doing but I will see if it one week my skin condition didn't change, then I'd probably use it again, but if the pimples disappear, I will stop using it and purchase another brand. Does anyone know Japanese facial product that is good for oily skin?

By the way, after looking at Rakuten's site, I found that One Piece Semonten CAWAII only has three stores in Japan. One in Chiba, one in Tokyo, and another one in Mukougaokayuen. The first two shops are quiet far from my place, going back and forth requires around 2000 JPY from my place so they're kind of out of question. Thankfully, the one in Mukougaokayuen is closer to my place. The cheapest way to get there requires walking and taking bus, then walk again until Komae. I take one train ride to Komae station to to Mukougaokayuen station. Moreover, I have a friend who live in Komae so maybe I could go with her. We initially planned to go to Kichijoji last Sunday, sadly, she got a cold due to the heavy rain on Saturday. I wish her well.

I'm planning to go to Shibuya again this Sunday to meet my fellow classmate from my home university. Then on Monday, I will go to Shinjuku then Harajuku. Since I'm going to Harajuku, I will totally visit Momo Store to find some mori items, not sure whether I will buy it or not though (ΘεΘ;). I'm currently looking for a maxi skirt. Japan has lots of cute and adorable skirt with lace accent but why almost all of them are short? 

This entry unexpectedly become a long entry, a messy and jumbled one at that. I will post again next Monday, probably with mori item findings and more pretty pictures. Japan has a lot of good scenery but I always forget to bring my camera sobs. I wish the weather is nice on Sunday & Monday, it was reported that rain will fall tomorrow, sigh.

Have a nice weekend
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  1. Oh sweetie lovely photos! The products looks really lovely!


    1. And they really are lovely( ´∀`)
      I have only tried Puff de Cheek so far but it's really good, the colour is more vibrant than I expected and more long lasting in none harsh weather.

  2. I looove the first photo!! as for beauty products, I can't help well because I'm kind of blind to cosmetic-related things haha. I can totally understand how it must be reallllllyyyy hard to ignore all the distractions!! but if you spend your money wisely I think it's okay for some times ^__^ love to see your acquisitions there, the packagings are so cuteeeee!
    by the way I thought Hada Labo is quite nice? the SNMPTN undangan result will be announced on 28th May, as for the written test I think it depends on the University :D