Monday, April 22, 2013

Mori Monday 「1」


I've been leaving this blog vacant for a way too long. It will soon be a month since I arrived in Japan. I'm slowly getting used with the life here, it's not easy but it's fun, and I'm living everyday with a smile. I made more friends in past two weeks which is a good thing since I'm not good at socializing with new people. We went to Asakusa and Shibuya last Saturday. It rained a lot but I had a nice time. And earlier today, I discovered that a small market near my place has some Dolly Wink items. I've saw Majolica Majorca and Canmake, and some other drug store products before but this is the first time I saw Dolly Wink's product.

As promised, this is the mori girl post, surely some of you are missing it...or not? Kekeke either way is fine. I've been looking around "One Piece Semonten" Spring Release, most of them are looking light, nothing too heavy. The layering is notably lighter, usually a top with lace trimming over a skirt. Here are some of my favorite item. Click on the item name to visit the site.

Honestly, i beg to differ the usage of 'parka' here, it's not exactly a parka, more a hooded cardigan, capuchon, or something else --" Either way, it's just my opinion which doesn't matter at all and doesn't lessen the beauty of this 'parka'. It comes in two colour but I, without further thinking, would purchase the blue one if I could. I'm a complete sucker for blue. This look warm enough for spring attire, maybe suitable for winter too. I'm thinking we could make this by trimming laces on our plain cardigan. Maybe one day when I can sew by myself I will make one of this, worth trying. And, yes, we can't have enough of cardigan, or parka.

I beg your pardon but I just can't ignore the caption on the picture; favorite original RACE RAYERD skirt. Dear, One Piece Semonten, I'm so willing to help you in this department lol. Regardless the funny item name (which we actually understand what does it mean anyway), this skirt is the typical layered skirt Mori Girl often wear. I like the toned down brown colour, it's pale but not cold. They spice things up with colour cordination. I'm not good at colour coordination so I adore the styling and colour coordi on this on. They skillfully pair items with different brown hues into beautiful colour coordination, a perfect work of art. Back to the skirt, the material look very lightweight, the laces are thrown asymmetrically, giving an accent to it. This skirt is quiet long so maybe this could be altered into dress of some sort.

While I'll look like legless in this pants, I still adore this! I have short legs and this cut is unflattering on me, so sad, wish I could work this. Anyways, this is one of those "otherworldly kind of cute" aka. this is way too cute I cannot believe this thing exist. I noticed that Mori Girl often sport this kind of pants, I don't know how to call this, not a harem pants, puffed pants? Balloon pants? Either way, they're super adorable and can be worn when you want to give boyish accent to your outfit. I think this pants would be perfect for summer; shirt with lace-sailor collar over this pants. Perfect. Of course, regular shirt will do.

image Natural Stitch-Lace One Piece
This baby over here is perfect for summer, over lace trimmed camisole or under light-weight cardigan. For spring, wear this over a shirt, cardigan works too. This one-piece is all rounder because I can see Mori Girl wearing this in Fall or winter with heavy layering. This would be a perfect summer dress, I can already picture someone wearing this while walking barefoot by the beach side. This can be worn as skirt too, layering is the key.

From all the items above, the skirt is my favorite. How about you? What's your favorite piece?

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  1. If you have the time you should absolutely check out Cawaii's real stores! They are quite off the track, I do not know remember the exact locations (and they keep closing existing stores and reopen them somewhere else all the time), but you can look them up on their Rakuten page. They have only really really little clothes in their stores, like only one or two rails, but each time I went there they had a great part of them on discount, for like 50% off their original price, which is a lot considering that Cawaii is not exactly one of the cheapest Mori stores.

    1. I have all the time in the world, I just don't have all the money (  ゚,_ゝ゚)
      Kidding, I still have 10 months to go and I definitely will visit all Mori Girl stores, wish me luck in that. Btw, Japanese shoes size is killing me, my size is aproximately 3L and they rarely have it in store T___T

    2. Yes, the money problem. -_- I know that too well! But Cawaii's clothes are worth their money, especially if they are on sale!
      I am sorry to hear about your shoe size. I am lucky - My Japanese shoe size is S/M, so I don't have trouble finding shoes in Japan. Well, not so lucky since I always end up buying waaaay too many shoes there and their quality is really poor so they wear down super fast! Even the expensive brands, so don't waste too much money on shoes in Japan!

    3. I knooow, they're so un-earth-ly adorable , I've been visiting their rakuten site back now and then to make my wishlist so I know what to buy and what not to buy (´ー`)
      At least I'm luckier than my friend whose size is 5L. Another problem is I'm more a shoe junkie more than anything hahaha. Oh really?? I always thought their shoes have good quality, at least better than shoes in my country (゜д゜;)

    4. Don't expect to find most of the clothes they have in their online shop in their real store! They only have like 5% of the clothes there, so making a wishlist might not work out so well. I was pretty disappointed about this. But I still spend an enormous amount of money each time I visited their stores.

      I don't know about the shoe quality in your country, but the shoes I usually buy here, even if they are really cheap, sometimes last me for several years. Most of the Japanese shoes I have all start to chip after just wearing them a few times...I don't know how to explain it well, parts of the outer material just fall off pretty fast? It's not with all Japanese shoes, but with many and the price does not seem to matter. I have bought shoes for $20 in Japan that are still in excellent condition after wearing them every day for the whole winter, as well as shoes for $100 which I could throw away after one season (or just accept that they looked really broken).

    5. I made photos of their stores last time I was in Japan: and
      I think you can see that they - for whatever reason - do not focus on selling all the clothes they have in their online store. :(

    6. That's sad to hear that, but their store is cute ( ´ ▽ ` ) and, yeah, I somehow can see myself in that position, even though there's not much clothes, I'd probably ended up buying what I want and fit me.

      Btw, I will be going to Harajuku this Sunday, do you have any place/store you recommend?

  2. so you're really in Japan now!!! oh my, I'm eager to see more of your post!! :D by the way, is the internet connection really fast there? :O
    I hope everything is still under control, wishing you the best for your study there!! thanks for the encouragements because I've finished my exam well! ^-^ my favorite piece will be the dress! haha I think it's the only thing you can wear on streets here without sweating like crazy, but surely you'll need some layering unless you want to be the center of 'abang abang' attention hahaha

    1. Yes, I've went passed "I can't believe I'm in Japan" stage though, hahaha. It's supposed to be but sometimes there's connection problem here since more than 50 people use only one router, but generally speaking, it's fast!
      Congratulation, dear. Thank you for your support too.
      In Indonesia, that's the case with the dress, but in Japan, I found that is absolutely necessary to layer them since it's quiet cold here >< I wish I can find the exact same dress