Monday, April 8, 2013

A week in Japan

Yesterday marked the 7th day since my arrival which means I've been in Japan for a week. The weather wasn't very friendly when I arrived, it rained a lot and the wind was so strong. It rained again last night while I was on my way to Parco. I looked around for a while before moving to Seiyu because Parco closed down at 9. The second floor of Seiyu housed a lot of adorable socks, lots of them, I swear, Japan has the most adorable, cute, and un-earthy socks ever, they're just socks but I want to splurge on them uggh >__< It has been warm since Friday, I remember enjoying the warm sunshine in front of Tama Station as I wait for my bus to arrive. I haven't went to anywhere fancy, just to Fuchu, a Shinto Shrine which name I forgot, 100 En Shop (which is heaven for cheapskate like me), and Parco. It's not that I don't have a time to, I'm still not used to the transportation and the weather haha. Thankfully, today the sun decided to shine its light on me. Around 3 pm, my room is bathed in sunlight! Just what I have been waiting for. Even then, the weather is still slightly cold for me, I wish I can get used to it soon. I don't know if I can make and outift post but a mori article is coming~

Class is starting today, in fact, in an hour. I really should get going because I still don't know which class to take haha

Later, folks.
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