Sunday, September 1, 2013

before the summer ends, before the final petal fall

Late post is late, I apologize. By this time I'm wondering what should the proper definition of my blog be hehe, seems like I'm posting everything. Two weeks ago, my host family invited me to visit a sunflower field in Tanashi City. Sadly when I came, most of them are already facing down and is nearing their final moment ;___; regardless, they're still beautiful and since this was my first time seeing sunflowers this, this humongous, and in such big numbers, I was elated. I was told to 'get lost' in there, and so I did. I spent about an hour walking around this humongous sunflower maze with my senior, she's also Indonesian but from different university. We fooled around, took lots of picture, got lost multiple times, ran away from bees, just having fun like we were five years old. No matter how many pictures I took, it didn't seem to be enough. I'm still learning to use DSLR and that day was a perfect chance to practice. Still far away from perfect but I'm getting there...or so I (hope) think. The hat I wore is from Liz Lisa and I've been using this baby the whole summer, it smelled so good when I first bought it but now it just smell of my hair and sun, lol. Btw, I hauled some items this summer and three of them happened to be from Liz Lisa/Tralala. I'm getting addicted to the fragrance you smell when you waltz in Liz Lisa's store, I'm probably getting them when autumn comes and my skin needs to be hydrated (not that it doesn't need to be hydrated now). The cardigan is also my summer staple, I've been wearing it for days every since I purchased her. I'll make summer haul post in separate articles since this one is already full of pictures.

Summer here is about to end but the heat is still as crazy as ever though (it's 35.1 °C right now) God help us, the humidity wasn't as worse as the beginning of August. September is starting, in fact, we're standing at the beginning of it. A year ago, I was on my way to watch Bless4's performance in AFA ID. I couldn't believe how fast the flies, feels like just yesterday I shed my tear after watching their amazing live performance while in fact it had been a year! Only four months to 2014, folks~ have a good year ahead~
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