Saturday, August 24, 2013

Can You hear the water calls?


We took a ride from Hakone pier to Shin-Hakone by pirate ship before going back to last transit in Odawara station and then back to Tokyo by bus. I immediately went to the dock but it was already crowded, I had to wait for about 6 minutes until I can get a clear shot of my dad^^; . I took much more pictures, mostly of things I saw from the dock but since it was cloudy,  the result was rather poor, or rather; very poor that I didn't even have the heart to edit them presentable. My sis was having fun pointing at random things she saw with our cousins while I snapped lots and lots of pictures. On the ride back home, I found out that one of my headset was dead ;___: I'm still looking for a perfect one to replace this one, currently using cheap one I bought in hyakuen shop but I can't with the poor quality. Wish me luck in finding the one.
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