Friday, August 23, 2013

close like you used to be

We went to Mt. Fuji on the second day. Our guide, Hitomi-san, told us that since it's summer, the chance to see the top of Mt. Fuji clearly is nearly impossible. However, luck was on our side because the bus suddenly stop on its way to 5th station and Hitomi-san told us to get off bus and take picture because Mt. Fuji can be clearly seen!! How lucky~ I did not have the picture here since I forgot to remove it from dad's MC. After Mt. Fuji, we went to Owakudani through gondola. It's a beautiful place and it has this special egg called "Black Egg". They boiled the eggs inside sulfuric water and it came out black. My dad wanted to see it so me, together with my cousin, went all the way up the the place where the black egg was made and bought ten of them. Next destination is Hakone, actually, we're already in Hakone but we're not exactly right in Hakone. 
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