Sunday, August 25, 2013

Speak to me of a dream still not long overdue

We went to Tokyo Disneyland on the last day of tour. Cannot say it's a good experience since we only, ONLY, enjoyed one attraction which was Mark Twain's ship. But what can you do when you go to a theme park with your mother, grandmother, and aunt? They're much more interested in buying souvenirs ^^;. Since I'm not really fond of theme park (and crowded place) in the beginning, I spent about six hours taking pictures. I really, really wanted to display all of them here but since I guess none of you want to see all 167 pictures in one post, I just posted 17 of my favorite pictures. Alas, when the time of parade starts, my camera ran out of battery so I put it back in its pouch and enjoyed the parade. Disney was, after all, a somewhat huge part of my childhood, so it's no wonder I felt chill while watching the Parade, I thought I was going to cry because I was so overwhelmed. I really want to go here again, alone, and at that time I will get in all attraction to make up for this one.

1 comment on " Speak to me of a dream still not long overdue "
  1. I can see that it was really hot there during summer ;__; beautiful shots! I really like the ones where you focus more on the people, seeing different individuals spending time their own way is interesting :D actually I don't really fancy theme park too ;; sometimes they can become too crowded....

    ah, next time, maybe, if I really have the chance haha thanks for the reccomendation! :''' yes I thought going to Harajuku was a part of the tour but turned out it wasn't. maybe because most of the people in the tour were middle aged women and men so they arranged it like that....