Wednesday, August 21, 2013

with You I wanna Start

My family came to Japan last week. four days never felt so short in my life, wish I could spend more time with them and instead of joining a tour, I want to walk through the city with them, talking about things I missed and they missed while sitting in St Mark Cafe with plates full of chococro and a cup of small sized Ice Chocolate. We went to Tokyo Tower and Meiji Jingu on the first day. How I wanted to snatch them away from the tour group and wind up in Harajuku which is just straight across the street. There're many, or should I say; too many pictures. Maybe you'll get a spam of them in five days ahead, I apologize in advance.
1 comment on " with You I wanna Start "
  1. Whoaa what a great experience! Can wait to have the same experience like yours, Kak Dea! Hehe