Sunday, September 22, 2013

Photostory 「1」

If I had to choose one word to define Enoshima,then it is; blue. The reasoning is simple enough, Enoshima is a tinny island in Kanagawa Prefecture, connected to main Island Honshu by a bridge and surrounded by endless and vast blue, blue ocean, and what's more; it's framed by beautiful, and equally endlessly vast blue sky. Apparently, I can never, ever stop gushing at how lovely and beautiful Enoshima is.

You can get to Enoshima by Odakyusen/odakyu line for Odawara/Fujisawa/Kataseenoshima houmei. Actually, you can just ride on any train that bounds for Fujisawa and not getting off before taking train that bounds for Kataseenoshima there or take train that bounds for  Kataseenoshima at Sagamiono. At that time, I got local train (kakutei; stops at every station) and it'd take forever if I didn't change train to rapid or express so I hopped off train few times to Enoshima. Kataseenoshima is a a quiet station and they only have kakutei/local train (as far as I can remember). Walk out the station to find sea breeze greeting you, and the smell of the sea! I rarely been to sea or beach in my country (it's kind of crowded place and far from home). The sea is very beautiful, clean and clear, it's totally blue as far as you can see. Cross the bridge to find Tourism Guide, if you want to explore the whole island (Iwaya Cave, Samuel Cocking Tower, etc) and ride the escalator (it's all stairs and really, I sweat a lot), you can buy Enopass which is valid for one day, it's 1000 Yen for one person and it will make your travel a lot convenient. I didn't intend to visit all attraction so I pass the ticket and cross another bridge; say goodbye to main land and welcome to Enoshima!

They have lots of map here and there, or if you went to Tourism Guide earlier, chuck a map to guide you. I snapped two, or three map then depart on my journey. And true to what I heard, there're stairs everywhere! Stairs and slopes. To get to first nearest attraction from main gate; Enoshima Jinja/Enoshima slope, you have to walk this long slope, lined by many stores, then climb a set of stairs. Shrines in Enoshima have a different Enma; they're pink! I think it's because they have this love legend in Enoshima^^ By the time I arrived at my first destination; Samue Cocking Tower, I'm practically melting but the beautiful view, and beautiful view, AND beautiful view motivates me to go on.

Paying 500 Yen (free if you bought Enopass earlier) will get you inside Tropical Garden and Samuel Cocking Tower. This is one of the most breathtaking place I have ever been in Japan! There're flowers everyhwere, trees, birds, sky, you can see the ocean from a small hill near entrance, and there's Samuel Cocking Tower. I think I spent about an hour inside the tower, watching the ocean and mainland from above, snapping pictures here and there. The elevator will only ride you to main observation indoor but you can take a stair to outdoor observation veranda to enjoy the sea breeze and even more enchanting view. I cannot describe how beautiful it was.

An hour later, despite my heavy heart, I departed from Samuel Cocking Tower and continued my journey for The Infamous Enoshima Love Bell. I encountered lots of interesting views and places on my way. And of course, another stairs. To reach Love Bell, you have to take a side track from the main road. It was deserted when I came there, which is good for me. I spent quiet a time there, enjoying the view, taking pictures here and there, and reading notes written on locks. They have tradition here in which couples write messages on a lock and hang it on wire fences before ringing the bell together. Sad thing I came alone lol. Love Bell was my last destination so I backtrack for the main road, rest for a while in a small park, then go home. 

My friends and family asked me why did I go alone. As for me, I'm quiet an introvert and I prefer my private time above all else (not to mention I'm egoistic kind of person lol). Since I spent most my summer holiday with friends, I think I need a little time alone when I can just be myself, not trying to put up an appearance. It also give me time to think about lots of thing and appreciate them. Traveling with your friend is nice but sometimes it doesn't give you this space and freedom to do what you want without taking other people into consideration. Still, having a travel companion is good because you have another person to share the beautiful things you find in your journey. Well, I've been dreaming of a lone journey on my birthday, so this year's birthday was the chance. It gave me a sense that I really am growing up, I have to take care of things myself, take responsibility by myself, just like what growing up is (what they say) all about.

What about you? Do you prefer lone journey? Companion on your journey? ^^
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  1. ooooooooh, this place is beautiful! I love the first pictures of the sea. It looks so endless! :D really beautiful pictures too and too bad the local train takes forever :c

    x The Mad Twins