Sunday, October 27, 2013

Comic Spark Haul

I just returned from a doujinshi event; 「Comic Spark」which was held on Tokyo Big Sight, Odaiba. It's similar event with Comic Market except in smaller scale. I went there with Hiromi-chan and Willeke (from Netherland). We're like Indonesian History Book lol (Indonesia, Netherland, Japan). We're supposed to arrive early around 10 but Hiromi had an accident with her shoes so we're late for about 30 minutes (=w=). We went our separate ways, me to 3rd West Hall, Hiromi to 1st West Hall, and Willeke to 2nd West Hall to get our own stuffs. We met up about 30 minutes later then move to East Hall before going back to West Hall. There were not many Tenipuri booths so I didn't buy as much as before but I think I bought quite a lot because halfway, my shoulders were starting to get hurt from carrying them lol.

 It didn't look much, but trust me, it's heavy -.-"

We went to Ikebukuro to eat because we're starving. It was around 2 pm when we finally can eat, and only then I can bring out my camera to snap pictures. Sorry we look super tired here lol.

Willeke's Seigaku hair band, it's so cute!! I really love the colour and it's actually quiet big O__O

Happy and satisfied Hiromi-chan(^▽^)

Satisfied and tired me (─▽─)

Arabiata that I ordered. I honestly don't know why they called it Arabiata, it's just a regular tomato pasta ╮(─▽─)╭

Hiromi-chan's pepperocino...I think

Willeke's pizza, it looks so good ≖‿≖

After we ate, we went to Otome Road (please search it up on Google lol). First we visited Mandarake where I bought another 3 doujinshis ≖‿≖ then we went to K-Book where Hiromi bought another doujins. I thought we're pretty exhausted after that so we decided to went home. I made a video about my doujinshi haul here hahahaha I don't even know why I made it lol.  It's another fun and happy day, and, Oh! Sun finally reveal itself after about a week absence (it was seriously dark outside since last week) and it got a little warmer which I'm really glad of. See you on the next post! I think I'll write about my Liz Lisa October Haul next!

Hiromi-chan's tiramisu for dessert!

3 comments on " Comic Spark Haul "
  1. Oh goodness, all of that food looks scrumptious!!
    xo TJ

  2. I lol-ed at the Indonesian history book part hahaha, the food looks yummy!! people say Japanese dessert tastes like heaven, is it true? :O and omg roa...d, do you have a plan to visit butler cafe or anything in the future hahaha because I'm curious /slapped

    I don't know if they renovated the place or not, but they have one Artemy branch in Malioboro so there might be a chance that it was the one you visited? :D

    1. ....honestly, I don't think it taste that good? Maybe because I have only eaten sponge cake so far and I hate sponge cake lol. Don't have for now hahaha I'll definitely post it when I do

      Yes! That's it! I thought they only have one branch?