Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Liz Lisa Autumn Buy

As shown in previous post, it's Liz Lisa time! Wait, I'm sure no one mentioned Liz Lisa in previous post, whatever this one will be about them. I don't think I need to explain to you what Liz Lisa is. I know this blog starts off for something Mori Girl related and Liz Lisa is in gyaru department (hime gyaru? himekaji?) but I personally find their style to be somewhat of my ideal style; classic, romantic, timeless, and laces (actually, adds practical since my home country is kind of ehh when it comes to unusual clothes and all lol). I have always wanted to have Liz Lisa clothes, maybe since 2010-ish, their shoes is what I wanted the most but let's face the fact that they do not have my shoe size in store ; w ; ). Other than shoes, I basically love everything they have.

As we all know, in Japan, we're entering autumn already. Temperatures started to drop and only recently I realized that; crap, I got no knit or sweater whatsoever! which can be translated into; how am I supposed to survive winter? щ(ಥДಥщ) I have about 10 pieces of outer, only 4 of them can be considered as warm, 2 are suspicious, while the rest is so so. That being one of the reason (the others are; I've been visiting their official site regularly, looking at so many beautiful things that I want and yes, i just want to buy them), I decided to purchase some.

The last time I bought Liz Lisa, it was on sale so I got plastic bag instead of regular bag. This bag is very simple but for some reason I love it!

1. Side String Knit x Lace Inner Set in color navy(054)
I have this serious love affair with navy, sapphire blue color. My friend told me that this particular shade of blue is linked with feeling of depression lol. This sweater is absolutely lovely, I really love the details on each bottom side; laced up ribbons. It came together with lace inner. Very comfy and it fits me perfectly.

2. Frilly Turtle Neck Knit in color Caramel (021)
This one is a little tight on me, especially on the neck but I still love it. I really love the details; the ribbons, lace, the pattern, I love every single thing about this baby. Can't wait for the temperature to drop low enough so I can head out in this.

3. Rose Lotion
The body lotion I've been talking about in my past entries. I'm seriously in love with its smell. It smells like rose but it's different with any other rose body lotion or perfume I've ever tried. This has a unique, peculiar, and pleasant earthy scent. The scent is a gentle, warm, and romantic (?) it can be too powerful for some people but I find myself addicted to it. Since it's a chambre a coucher product, it came with different bag.

Since yesterday, the temperature had suddenly rise, my Japanese friends are complaining about the sudden heat, even as I write now, the temperature is rising up to 30 degrees Celsius O___O which is why I still can't go out in these clothes for the time being ; w ;) and had to put my summer clothes back to the rack.

Thank you for reading this post, hope you have a nice autumn while I enjoy a little bit more of summer here^^
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  1. Ooooooooooooh, these items are soooooooooooo cute *w* 'Frilly Turtle Neck Knit in color Caramel' is really a beautiful sweater!

    1. I know, they're so cute XD I can't resist them at all.
      Thanks for reading!