Monday, October 14, 2013

Tenimyu Pop Up Store in Isetan Shinjuku

I went to Tenimyu Pop Up Store in Isetan, Shinjuku, with my Japanese friend; Hiromi-chan (who prefers to be called Kise-kun lol). The even was held for a week from 9th of October to 15th which is tomorrow. Since it's Sport's Day holiday today, we decided to meet up and visit the pop up store at 1 pm earlier. At first, I wanted to buy Rikkai Clutch Bag but since I've used almost all my shopping budget for Liz Lisa clothes (Yes, I bought some more orz) and there's still Comic Spark in two weeks, I decided not to buy anything. They sold various items like clutch bag, tote bag, bottle cover, photo stand, and capuchon (parka). To be honest, the price for the parka was ridiculous! Imagine all things I can buy with all that money (effing 26.250 JPY!!?!?!). To be honest, the parka (is it even considered a parka? Isn't it capuchon?) is totally not my cup of tea, too boring, and with that price? LOL No way I will buy it, sorry, Rikkai, you can advertise them but I'm not spending that much money for jimi-looking parka -.-" The surprising thing is the parka is the first item to be sold out!! The power of fans!

Accidentally took picture of Rikkai Flag

There's not much item left on display, mainly Higa items, Dream Live Shirts, pins, and some paper bag. Even though we didn't buy anything, we're still happy to be able to visit the store. I snapped some pics, mainly of the display in front of the store where there's a blue cardboard with some casts signature. The other side house different teams jersey, me and Hiromi-chan posed beside our favorite team XD

Me with Rikkai Jersey ( °٢° )

Hiromi-chan with Hyoutei ( ´∀`)

We talked about how Atobe appeared on NHK in his birthday (he became #1 trending in Japanese twitter) and how the announcer properly call him Atobe-sama lol. Hiromi bought a Hyoutei Paper bag because the back side is the initial of her name. While waiting for her, I snapped random pics of casts signs and some from video they played.

Kamicchi's sign ಥ⌣ಥ

Gen-chan's sign, lol, it's so messy, as expected of our Akaya ≖‿≖

Accidentally snapped Rikkai in action, kekekeke ≖‿≖

Accidentally snapped Kubotan too ≖‿≖

This one was on purpose; Rikkai's Troika (三強) ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ

Ogaken ≖‿≖

Was meant to capture Hiyoshi/Gakuto but failed to snap at the right time (´ヘ`;)

Atobe for Hiromi-chan ( ´∀`)☆

After that, we went to animate where we went gaga over Tachibana Makoto, everywhere we go, we'll scream (in hushed voice) Mako-chaaaaan. If only we didn't remind each other than we have to save up for Comic Spark, I think we'll end up with many Free! and Makoto goods (and Takao goods for Hiromi). Still both of us were starving, we decided to stop by McDonald then went home afterward. My feet hurt from walking a lot but it was a nice day! It's starting to get cold again but I don't if the weather is trolling again or not lol. Till next time and thanks for reading ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
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  1. I looove your outfits on recent posts! :D
    luckily I don't touch manga/anime that much these times...otherwise my heart will ache so much haha.
    yes this is my second month in uni and I think I've adapted well here ^_^ is it cold already there?

    1. Thank You XD
      I'm glad you're doing well, haven't heard from you for a while^^ It's starting to get cold lately, it dropped to 20 degrees today