Saturday, November 30, 2013

Lis Liza Fukubukuro 2014

Yes. Yes, I'm sold. You can have all my money, Lis Liza, you can have it all because your Rich Vintage Rose Carry or whatever it is has won over my heart.

VENT Online Store just revealed their lines' fukubukuro (lucky pack)'s packaging earlier. I've been thinking of whether I'll buy Liz Lisa's fukubukuro or completing my wishlist instead. One decisive factor is the packaging of their fukubukuro. Since I'm completely in love with LL's Princess Trunk that they released for this year, if they release similar packaging, I will probably purchase it with no doubt. 

My homecoming time is near and with all things I purchased while I was here, I doubt my current trunks (26" & 19") will be enough, I mean; I bought a real lot of things; books, clothes, baking utensils, and I really want to bring them back home lol. When I visited COMIKE, many of attenders brought a trunk-luggage and I really think it's cute, it has a vintage and romantic air to it, which practically means I'm sold for such trunks. The price varied but mostly it's around 16.000 JPY - 30.000 JPY.

So, upon seeing this year's Fukubukuro's packaging, which is practically the kind of trunk I've been dying to have, like I mentioned above (and multiple times); I'm sold. Personally, I think this is a good deal, because:

  • I got the trunk I wanted
  • this trunk carries 9 items in total, price-wise, it's a better deal than buying the trunk in other stores
  • there's a big probability of getting items that I'm not fond of, but as long as there's still items that I like, it's no big deal
  • the trunk is gorgeous, enough said.

The only downside is I cannot request a specific date to have this trunk delivered which means I have to be ready anytime after 1st of January. I still don't have, and probably won't have any specific plan for January, I think I stuff enough plans on December (fuyucomi!!) so I probably I'll be in my room when the usual kind old man comes to deliver my trunk.
4 comments on " Lis Liza Fukubukuro 2014 "
  1. Oooooooooh that trunk indeed looks amazingly pretty Ö I would love one like that too *w*
    I hope you can get it before January though Ö


    1. This kind of trunk is popular in Japan and they're not exactly cheap so this is a really good deal!
      I wish I could but the policy said so ^^;

  2. There's 9 items in the trunk, no?

    1. Emiichan 8D
      Whoops, my bad! I typed it wrong X(