Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Sweet Paradise Kichijouji Day Out

Super late post but I've been quite unmotivated lately, basically in everything. I need to work on my assignments but it feels like someone just throw all my motivation out the window. Anyways, I think I've mentioned it repeatedly that it's getting cold lately because winter is coming. November is almost ending and I can see myself shivering like a tiny leave in my own room. I've worn what I thought 'warm enough' sleeping attire, two sheets of blanket but it was not enough. So, to save myself and my electricity bill, I decided to buy myself a pajama from Tutuanna (precisely as pictured) which I have difficulty getting out from because it's just comfy and warm.

And yes, it's 11 am but I'm still wearing it. 

I had a all you can eat spree at Kichijouji's Sweet Paradise with my tutor, Misaki, and another two lovely friends, Yukimi & Akari. Yukimi & Akari went home right after we gobbled all the cakes while me and Misaki went to another spree which was shopping spree. Or rather, it was Misaki who went on shopping spree while I went to grocery shopping spree. It was tiring but another satisfying day.

Only three months left until I'm going back to my country. Time sure is fast and that is why I have to cherish the moment called now.

See you later, have a good days ahead.
3 comments on " Sweet Paradise Kichijouji Day Out "
  1. Oooooooh, I hope you won't be having cold at night anymore ones you have that sweet pajama :D
    The food looks delicious, luckily I'm eating soon. hahah :)

    1. Thank you! Nope, I'm not having it anymore :")