Sunday, December 8, 2013

All Alone with You

top, jumper skirt; Liz Lisa, boots; unbranded

When I'm feeling blue, I dress up the way I want and took pictures at my secret place. Wearing my favorite dream dress; Liz Lisa Jumper skirt in sapphire blue. I can never stop saying how flattering this dress is, how comfy it is, how classic and versatile it is. Definitely a purchase I will never regret.

If one were to take a look at my current playlist, they'd assume that I'm in the middle of depression or something. Well, I'm not. I just naturally fall in love with depressing, tears-inducing, heart-breaking, earth-shattering, song. It doesn't have to be ballad because Evanescence's 「Bring Me to Life」 is obviously not a ballad. 「All Alone with You」 by EGOIST has been on endless loop too, along with Matsushita Yuuya's re-arrangement of 「Hallucination 」. From western song, Imagine Dragon's 「Demon」 & 「Monster」, also, ZEDD feat. Foxes' 「Clarity」 also reside in my playlist. They're perfect songs when you feel trapped, suffocated, like you're in the middle of the dark, but at the same time, they're also telling you that there's someone in this world extending their hands for you, there's someone in this world who will stay, who want to stay with you. 

3 comments on " All Alone with You "
  1. So pretty!!! I love the way you modeled the dress. :)

  2. That dress is sooooooooo pretty :) And those pictures are stunning. These really could be in a magazine! :)

    xxx Merry Christmas