Monday, December 30, 2013

Comic Market 85

Yesterday, I went to Winter Comic Market. It was considerably smaller than Summer's one and for some reason, Comic Spark, which was supposed to be a smaller in scale than Comic Market, felt bigger and more exhausting than this time. While my feet were dying and the straps of my bag were digging into my shoulders in the past two events, my feet was fine and I did not feel that exhausted. I also surprised myself by only purchasing four doujinshis O___O. While I did not take pictures at all during Summer Comi, because I was too busy going from one place to another and it was too hot outside (cosplay area is outside) to take pictures, I took quiet pictures of cosplay this time.

The view when I was waiting outside. We had to wait for an hour until we can get inside. It was way worse and took longer back then in summer. This was not even the quarter of people.

Secretly caught pictures of Shingeki no Kyojin cosplayers. While we were inside, where it was forbidden to take pictures, we always saw SnK cosplayer but when we went to cosplay area, they're nowhere to be found, strange image

One of many cosplay area. I said, this sea of people is not even 1/8 of total attendance!

Don't know what characters from what anime but they're good

From Tiger & Bunny

Nanako-chan from Persona 4! One of the best cosplayer I saw, she looked like a real Nanako-chan! I had to line up to take her picture because everyone was so eager to take her picture. Not surprising considering how flaw free her cosplay is.

Seriously an angel image

The best cosplay I saw today, I had to give, to this cosplayer of Inori from Guilty Crown. Not only she made a perfect Inori, big applause to her perfect costume and how she stood there outside with very revealing and minimal article of clothing when it's probably below 10 degrees outside. That's what you call dedication.

Godsent. Angel. perfect.

The Psycho Pass Trio! If only they had Kagari...those dominators tho image

Another Psycho Pass cosplayers which happened to stood beside the previous one. I really want dominator image

Vocaloid cosplayers. Cute Miku.

Childhood memories...I really love Syaoran here image

Bow down to Beatrice, that's all.

My friends asked me to come on the 2nd & 3rd day also but I declined since I don't have anything that I want to do so I only came on the first day. Tomorrow will be the last day but I have decided to spend New Year's Eve at Yokohama after a small pizza party at my place. See you later, hopefully with Fukubukuro Update, I hope you have a good day too tomorrow!
4 comments on " Comic Market 85 "
  1. The cosplayers for Cardcaptor looks just like the character! :3 My sister was hoping I dress up as Syaoran for AX 2014. :p
    Happy New Year!!

    1. I really like Syaoran Cosplayer! She was a really nice person because she thanked every single person who took pictures, in line or not ; w ;
      I can't wait to see your and your sis' cosplay !! ^ A ^ Happy new year!

  2. omg these cosplay pictures, they all look like the characters!! I can't wait to dress up as Cardcaptor Sakura again for AX 2014!!! 6 more months!! ^^

    1. The cosplayers were really good!! I don't really know about cosplay in your place, but here, you have to stand in line to take pictures. How is it going there?
      Your Sakura must be adorable!