Saturday, December 21, 2013

Free! Campaign at Shinjuku Station and Fukubukuro update

I was elated when my friends told me they had Free! ads displayed in JR Lines station, Shinjuku. I had planned to go karaoke with Chamayu and Yamaken today at Kichijouji but for the sake of Free! ads, I impulsively changed the location to Shinjuku. After three hours of karaoke, a quick purikura session (in which I introduced Yamaken to the wonder/horror of purikura, we quickly left to station to take pictures. Yamaken was flabbergasted as why people took pictures of all these anime guys and I boasted that Free! is known internationally (I'm not lying tho). While other people took only pictures of them, being a shameless gaijin (foreigner), I boldly took picture together with the ad.
happy, satisfied, pleased, shameless gaijin
I snapped the other ads too, of course. I hope they're still there next time because they're so big, so gorgeous, so *///*
Mako-chan >///< so handsome
Yamaken is blocking the c0ck-block Nagisa ^ q ^
Haruuuu > w <
My Prince Tachibana Makoto. Ideal Husband-material >///<
I'm happy that my OTP are together but they should be bigger O ^ O
Rin-chan nau ^ q ^
Prince Makoto /starry eyed
this is not an anime about homo swimming guys. This is an anime of INTENSE FEELS
couples everywhere ^ q ^
Free! aside, they revealed the content of Liz Lisa Fukubukuro today and, boy, I'm glad I decided to order it because I actually like the content of it. The coat in Rich Vintage Rose Carry is absolutely adorable. I'm thankful RVRC does not contain loads of bright pastel colored items and throw in warm color like brown, the reason why I'm not really fond of LL's Winter's collection is primarily because it's a sea of light pastel colored items.

Winter Comic Market is next week. I swear, this time I will take *pictures* properly. Of outfit pictures too because it needs to be documented, a historical moment in my life /sigh. Also, I watched Kanojo wa uso wo aishisugiteru starring my eternal handsome prince, Mizuta Kouki who only showed for about less than 10 minutes but more than 5 minutes. The movie was surprisingly good tho the story differs from the original, the songs were surprisingly good, and the movie was very pleasant to my eyes because majority of them were taken during golden hour which means soft, velvety, beautiful, golden hues everywhere * w *

I cut my hair. It's too short but I surprisingly like it * w *
4 comments on " Free! Campaign at Shinjuku Station and Fukubukuro update "
  1. I'm looking forward to receiving the Rose Carry too, especially the dress! :3 I'm glad you like everything inside, but I think the coat might be too long on me, and make me look like a small child. :/ I'm also happy it's not bright pastel color, I was very worried about that when I pre ordered the Rose Carry. Now we just have to wait a few more weeks until it we get it. ahhh feels like such long wait! ><

    1. I'm really glad they look fab * w * If it's the same size with some coats they have this winter, I think they'll end somewhere above the knee. I'm 160 cm and it ends around there so I don't think it should be too long = w =
      Yeess, let's share this pain of waiting /hugs

  2. aaahh look at all that sweetness inside the fukubukuro!! ;____;
    I watch Free! but only the first episode because I can't bring myself to watch anything that comes with series (<- get bored easily sobs) my fav would be Haruka!! but. Nagisa is also cute....can't choose //// hahaha

    1. You should watch the entire episodes! I was not interested at first and gave up around 3rd episode but I happened to watch it again with my senior and it got me hooked!! YOU . HAVE . TO . WATCH . IT.
      Makoto is my favorite, he's such a prince charming *///*