Thursday, December 5, 2013

Rose Colored Sun

blazer; Liz Lisa, onepiece; Tralala, stocking; Tutuanna, Shoes; offbrand

After discovering the magic of golden hour, like how everyone said, I just cannot not take picture at given time. I mean, just look at the beautiful sunlight and how it hits and illuminates everything in flattering golden hues. Next time when I visit Inokashira Park, I'd like to take another picture at golden hour by the lake there, hopefully it'll be as beautiful.  The blazer is from Liz Lisa and dress from Tralala. This blazer has become my staples during autumn, lately, I've been wearing down jacket over it for the sake of protection from cold weather. I really love how versatile both pieces are, the blazer goes basically with everything I own in my wardrobe.
2 comments on " Rose Colored Sun "
  1. ....finally I can see the sun HAHA I've been inside my room the whole day....
    I agree with you! natural sunlight is the best. and your outfit is like what's usually seen in Japanese magazine *_* it's so ladylike!! by the way yes it was my friend's hatsune miku wig that I stole for a while hahaha

    1. What a coincidence, I just read this kind of joke;
      Mom: You're always stuck in front of your computer and never see sunlight!
      Me: ...You're wrong /shows mom a pic of sunlight

      U w U I'm not lady-like but thank you. Are you going to cosplay? kkk