Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Defying Gravity

coat, tops, sukapan; Liz Lisa, stockings; tutuanna, shoes;unbranded

The first outfit that I put together from 2014 LL's Fukubukuro. I know I'm slow in putting them together which I'm feeling deeply sorry for. I just want to put a proper post with properly taken pictures with proper lighting and proper retouching for an outfit post (or any kind of post, really, none of my pictures are save from the debauchery of photoshop image For many reasons I didn't take this picture during golden hour but I spent about two hours outside messing up with my cameras until it ran out of battery. Out of about one hundred pictures I took, only these babies (and some more for another post) survived from my merciless deletion.

On to the clothes, being fukuburo items, these items are comfortable to wear. The sukapan, surprisingly, doesn't suffocate me (flabby stomach /cough) which I'm comfortable for. I think the only problem I have with this coordinate is the fact that the coat was actually too small around the third button areaa that I cannot button them all image I can only buttoned one of them, either the very bottom or the second from top, it doesn't really bother me though EXCEPT the third button actually came off yesterday, maybe because I often forcefully button it image Still wearable, so, again, I don't really have problem with it.
2 comments on " Defying Gravity "
  1. The outfit is so cute, I can't wait wear mines out! :3 And the pictures are great!

    1. And I can`t wait to see yours! Please snap lots of pictures! Their skirt is the best, I think, it blooms beautifully when you spin XD
      Thank you!