Sunday, January 5, 2014

Girls cannot have too many eat out

I went to Kichijouji two days ago to sell some clothes I won't wear anymore, one of them was Liz Lisa Jumper Skirt from their summer Collection. I'm not feeling it anymore so I decided to sell it. I was planning to take pictures at Inokashira Park but my friend fell asleep so when the time she arrived, it's already dark and taking good picture was practically impossible. We went to Italian Coffee Jr. after browsing around Parco and Sunroad a bit. I had a strawberry cheesecake but could not take good picture of it so I disposed the taken pictures. Her chocolate cake, on the other hand, managed to survive from horrible dim lightning and captured beautifully. We're going to Laduree tomorrow! There's no such thing as too many cake out! I'm still working on LL Fukubukuro post by the way.

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