Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Ladurée, Lumine, Shinjuku

I finally, finally, visited the infamous Ladurée, chain of pastry shop known for its macaron for 150 years. They have three outlets in Tokyo and the closest one is at Lumine, Shinjuku, right beside South Exit of JR Lines Shinjuku Station. After mulling over the choices of equally delectable and decadent sweet treats from cakes to ice creams, I decided to purchased the smallest box that came with 4 macarons flavor of my own choices. The dainty lavender little box came with four bliss and pleasure inducing macarons. I decided to go with;

Rose; traditional rose macaron with simple butter cream frosting as filling. It tastes sweet but not overbearing, subtle and delicate yet bursting with flavor.

Pistachio; traditional pistachio macaron. According to my friend, it tasted very very good but because I ate it right after Chocolat, it kind of pale in comparison. That aside, this pistachio macaron was good, definitely deserve next time purchase!

Fleur d'Oranger; the dark horse of the four. The shop attendant told me it contained flower extract but she did not specify what flower. When I first sink my teeth into it, Lord in Heaven, if this was dream then I do not want to wake up. It definitely has the orange flavour and the mysterious flower extract seemed to do the trick of making this little piece of pleasure incarnate much more sinful.

Chocolat; chocolate is a norm, it's your last resort when you don't know what to eat. And this one might have been what brought you to your last because the only thing I can say about this, the only thing I can say to describe this little piece of decadent treat, is orgasmic. It induced every sort of strange, pleasured, and blissful noises I never know I could emit, because it just tastes so, so, so, wonderful. If Fleur d'Oranger was pleasure incarnate, then with no doubt, this is probably sex incarnate OR it's even better than sex itself because this thing, this little thing is just pure perfection, concoction of bliss made in heaven.

My love affair with Macaron aged as old as my affair with Liz Lisa, it's turning 5 years old today and Ladurée has been in my list of must go place. The shop has a nice pastel colored interiors, beautiful boxes and miniature of macaron tower, a nice ambience, a perfect place for beautiful tea time, alone or with company. I definitely recommend this place if you go to Japan, or French where this place originated.
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