Friday, January 17, 2014

Liz Lisa Playful Pin-Up Girl 1st Impression

Liz Lisa just recently put up their catalogue and tabloid for their 2014 Spring Collection, themed Playful Pin-Up Girl". They go with their usual retro-girlish concept, this time using pastel color as their center piece and spicing them up with laces, frills, ribbons, organza, and see-through fabric. Time-wise, they're translating 50's style to their collections. Or that's what their description said. 
what I wrote above is a translation of this, not properly arranged but those are what these passage said.

They've released the first promo pic (the very first picture) and constant teaser pictures on their official blog. True to what they said, pastel is their center piece but unlike their previous winter collection which was centered around pastel as well, the color scheme is more into blue-ish color scheme than pink-creme which we saw on their Winter Collection. Purple and blue with some pink.
Will it ever come the day when I can take beautiful pictures like this? image

Honestly, even though I'm not loving this collection as much as their Autumn's Royal Wonderland Collection, I love these more than their winter collection. Despite being centered around pastel color, which was main reason why I'm not really feeling their winter collection, they use different color palette which didn't seem to make a big difference but it actually worked for me and for my eyes...well, for my eyes, I think my eyes were bewitched by these beautiful pictorial with strong dreamy feels image.

Good thing is that they throw in some bold color instead of swarming the whole collection with pastel. As seen above, they throw in some solid blue and from teasers they show us in their blog, they use a new hue of blue. It's not royal sapphire blue like in Royal Wonderland's collection, I cannot really tell the proper and exact name of the blue they used but it's a flattering deep shade of blue. I saw the actual product when I went to Shibuya 109 last week and I have to say it's immediately in my wish-list, along with a beautiful cardigan which is in the exact same shade.
My wild guess is purple will be their star color of this season. White, a staple color for Liz Lisa's collection works as a balance. The catalogue below shows how three purple items are styled together with white to maintain the balance and it does a pretty good job in doing so, not to mention it brings the purple to live. Daisy also seems to be their star flower, along with tulips.
Honestly, the beige color is totally random and personally, I think it doesn't go really well with this color palette. It's just my personal opinion tho. I wonder why they didn't include some pieces they shown on their snap and new arrival sections of website. These catalogues just highlights the blue-purple palette while they actually have another pieces with different colors like a touch of yellow and green.
They also have Spring Fair going on and these are items you'll get if you bought above the price mentioned. So far, I'm liking this and I actually already have two pieces that I'll get my hand on around February before I go back to my country. Yup! I've decided to leave Japan on 14th of February which probably will put an end to my LL purchase as well image Sad, I know. But I've decided that I'll postpone my purchase until I get another chance to set my foot on this country. It won't stop me from making entry about Liz Lisa anyway . Okay, now I really have to wash my face and read my books so I can actually do and finish my assignments tomorrow!
4 comments on " Liz Lisa Playful Pin-Up Girl 1st Impression "
  1. I love the concept they're going into, but I don't think I will be buying anything from their spring collection. I'm not a huge fan of pastel blue or purple, so I'm going to wait for their Autumn/Winter collection. =/

    1. That`s unfortunate :( They have put up their spring collection in their online store and they definitely has more than blue and purple going on. Don`t forget they have summer collection as well! Hopefully they`ll have different color scheme :)

  2. I also made a blog on the new collection too, and I honestly don't care for it. Its not that I don't care for purple or blue, its the style I don't care for. Every year in Japan the daisy print is used, I live in Japan for a few years now and every spring all the stores have that daisy print and daisy pop-out/3D design at spring so its a bit redundant/nothing new. I won't be buying anything from the Spring Pin-Up collection. I honestly liked last years Spring collection way more.

    1. Yeah, I don't really get why they just bring up daisy prints now, it's been out in the market forever (mary quant etc). Color-wise, I think I'm liking this one more, Spring 2013's collection has similar color scheme with Winter 2013 so I think it's refreshing for them to change the palette. There'll be more items coming out later so we can hope for something that suits our style better^^