Monday, February 17, 2014

Back Home

Hi, everyone! So, I finally returned to Indonesia. It feels good to be home, surrounded by your family and all. Apparently, my house had been quite for 10 months while I was away (not necessarily a mood maker, just the loudest out of the bunch) and my return made it's a good thing, really. I have a lot to catch up, schools and all so I think the next posts have to wait. Until then, have these glorious mouth watering pictures of foods that I ate during my family's welcome party. If you ever come here to my country, I really recommend you this restaurant called Sate Senayan, they have the best satay, ever.
1 comment on " Back Home "
  1. Welcome back to this hot equatorial climate zone! It always feels great to be back home after being away from family and friends for an extended period of time. :)

    Oh wow, satay!! I love satay, and that one in the picture looks so mouth-watering...mmm... Where in Indonesia can you find that satay place?