Wednesday, February 5, 2014

First Snow

It finally snowed in Tokyo! image It started as rain but around three pm it turned into heavy snow. I really wanted to enjoy it because it's the very first snow I've ever experienced but alas, my condition was horrible that I could barely walk so I could only enjoy watching the endlessly falling snow while lying helplessly on my bed image. I had given up seeing snow in Japan because it didn't fall until yesterday and many said it won't be snowing this year so I was very happy that I could finally see it with my own eyes.
Before I sleep, I swore to myself that first thing I will do the next morning is to take pictures with snow.

The snow on the ground in front of my veranda was pretty much gone, I was scared that there'll be not much snow left but the thankfully, some was still left in the place where I took photo last time. I somehow managed to survive in this outfit for about 20 minutes despite the chilly weather but I gave up after taking the very first picture on top because my hands were freezing image. As you can see, not many snow was left and around 10 am, they're melting away. I took time experimenting with sun back-light and out of four pictures I took, the last one (the picture below) happened to be my favorite despite how it's the most unfocused of the four, I just love how the light is gently hitting me from behind image.

sweater with lace details, jumper skirt; Liz Lisa, stockings; tutuanna, boots; unbranded
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