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Liz Lisa Playful Pin-Up Girl 2nd Impression

Hello, everyone! I'm sorry for my absent! I'm in the middle of processing my Shibuya, Shinjuku, and Ikebukuro pictures for upcoming post but I got distracted when I saw Liz Lisa released their new Spring Tabloids. The tabloids featured Triendly Reina, Tamashiro Tina, and Kanno Yui (who in some pictures did not look Kanno Yui lol). I've mentioned in previous impression post, purple and pastel seem to be their central palette. I also mentioned they throw in some navy blue, and I thought there won't be as much blue, but guess what, we've been given a stream of navy and denims. Seducing me with solid blue, way to go Liz Lisa, way to go (imweakwithdeepbluecolorivetoldyou).
Like I said, denim. This page clearly show that denim will probably take big role in this season's collection. Take a look at the recent new arrival in their official page, it's practically two new kind of denim clothing going in the rack. This page also gives an idea that crop tops and high waisted bottoms, knee-length flare skirt will be everywhere this season. I personally like high waist skirt (even though I can't always work it). The coordinate Yui was wearing on the cover, and the third and last coordinate on the very bottom are my favorite. I love how the items just click to each other beautifully. On the other hand, the last coordinate on the middle row seems awkward to me.
I take it the bustier and the lace cropped top is two separated items? I'm really loving the bustier, I think it goes well regardless of what season depending on how you style them. It's one of those classic and timeless piece, denim just adds the effortless aspect to this piece.
Moving on to the newspaper, Tina is rocking that look we often saw on Liz Lisa's crews on their official ameblo. I think I've seen this coordinate multiple times and I cannot say I'm all plus for this, I think it depends on the person who wear it. On some it looks awkward but on some it looks good. It's purple, what do you expect? We'll be swarmed with purple this Spring.
I'm feeling 50:50 for this collection, just like in this spread. First, I'm soo feeling the first coordinate with all the blue; the blue stripped (Classic, classic) cardigan, the (what seemed to be) denim suspender skirt, the lace trimmed white tops, they just went together, perfectly. While the coordinate on the bottom just didn't click together for me. It's probably the cutting (or her posing) but it just doesn't do the trick on me.
I said it's probably about the cutting but looking at this one, seriously, I don't know because this one looks good, they fit seamlessly to each other. I swear it's not the color because this could be purple checks instead of denim and I will still be liking it. 
The Knee-length skirt coordinate is probably the most un-Liz Lisa-ish coordinate I've ever saw, they're more Emoda or Mitsumaru Ingni-esque than Liz Lisa, does not mean it's a bad coordinate. Like mentioned above, denim will be another 'main character' of this season. I'm loving the 'Denim Sweat' coordination so much (classic, classic, classic). The 'Flare Skirt' coordinate at the very end looks promising as well (what did I said above high waist skirt??), simple yet stunning. 'All in One' coordination is the odd one, I cannot grow myself to like it since I saw it in their web's new arrival section. It looks...weird.
First, let's talk about the bad hair styling because Goddess Tina looks less than stunning in the first two pictures. As for the outfits, I'm not feeling the second and the third because they look super awkward. Maybe it's the cutting, I don't know why but many of this season's collection is awkward. The first coordinate featured the probably most promoted and repeated item in their Spring's Promo; the check dress. It's probably the most simple dress in the whole collection, there's nothing new nor special in it but for some reason, it's one of those item that I grow fond of immediately. Maybe it's the simplicity of it. The bottom right featured LL Twinkle items, the only thing that caught my interest are the shoes. I'm still bitter about the fact that LL do not have shoes in my size and looking at these three shoes make me even bitter because the laces, the ribbons, what is there in them that is not to love?? If I could, I'll get my hand on the purple one.
The next pages will feature Kanno Yui, themed "Girls Love Dream". The dress she's wearing on the picture looks like a french-maid-ish dress only it's in one color. If they had more than one color scheme in all right places, it'll totally look like a maid dress. Regardless, I'm loving this dress, if only they do not come in puffy shoulder image
Remember when I said Kanno Yui didn't look like herself in some of photos? It begins from this page, just look at the very bottom right picture? I had to ensure myself multiple times that it is, indeed, Kanno Yui. While we're at it, let's talk about the dress. When I first saw it, it immediately remind of of clothes/uniform often worn in Gundam(?). I cannot explain why, it just remind me of them lol. I'm torn between liking this dress of not because it looks odd when you line it up with other Liz Lisa's dresses. Take the pink jumper skirt worn by Yui beside it. It's the standard Liz Lisa jumper skirt with (probably) rose prints on it and a layer of organza.
Let's just skip the very bottom picture which was obviously a victim of photoshop (how awkward could it be??? Look at her legs???) The two coordinate on the tops are absolutely fabulous! I personally like the navy coat better (what did you expect from me?). I almost purchased it but I decided to stop myself and purchased this tops instead. The dress looks absolutely lovely with the off-shoulder accent and all the laces adorning it. It comes in three colors; white, pink, navy. The white and pink one will probably give off a strong feminine and delicate feeling while the navy one will give more mature and sophisticated feeling.
With all these new products introduced in this tabloids and looking at all the new items they posted on their website, I must say I'm growing quiet fond of this season's collection even more than before. I'm definitely liking their recently released items more than the early spring collection. What about you? Did these two new tabloids managed to change your opinion toward this collection?

Stay tune for Shibuya Tour Post (?) next! I'm planning to publish them somewhere around Wednesday-Thursday next week, just pray that I won't have any other distraction!
8 comments on " Liz Lisa Playful Pin-Up Girl 2nd Impression "
  1. I'm definitely more intrigued by the Yui Kanno (collab?) items. I think the "maid dress" one might actually be two pieces. I thought I remembered seeing that somewhere...
    Maybe I'm missing something but what's wrong with her legs in the bottom picture with the rose? Haha

    1. Seriously? It looks like a dress O___O
      It's another case of photoshop gone bad. She didn't even look like herself in some pictures, cheeks way to puffy.

    2. Yeah lol, took me about 15 minutes of clicking through all the crooz blogs to find the one I was referencing earlier, but it seems that it's a top and a bottom based on this entry - .
      Are her legs funny in that picture though? Maybe I'm not familiar enough to notice. Her face does look slightly different but nothing about the legs screamed at me lol.

    3. O w O)b they did a good job on making them look like a dress.
      Her legs are obviously too short lol she looks unbalanced. It looks like she gained some weight.

  2. Despite earlier saying I was not interested in this year's LL Spring collection, I find myself slowly warming up to some of the pieces. And that maid dress, whaaaatt it's not a dress? It really looks like one! O_o And I had planned to get one myself too...

    Not really fancying the denims at the moment. But somehow I have a growing fondness for navy blue, or just dark blue in general. I have this LL dress in bordeaux and somehow I regret not getting one in blue. U.U

    1. You cannot resist Liz Lisa's charm, they're not letting you out O w O)b
      It's the blue, I swear it's the blue. LOL You're the exact opposite of me, I regret not getting any red or crimson piece from LL, almost all I have are blue!

  3. Ahhhhh! I just really love Liz Lisa's style of photography for their catalogs! So clean and romantic at the same time!

  4. I love this post and I am suchhhhhha sucker for Liz Lisa! Their collages are TO DIE FOR.