Saturday, October 17, 2015

It was a month ago

...I took all these pictures.

Greetings! These last two months had been hectic and draining for me, mentally and physically. It all had to do with work but I won't 'blame' it on them. Instead, I'd like to thank everyone for the opportunity that had been given to me. Despite the seemingly endless workloads and the increasing night where I found myself awake longer than necessary, I managed to find comfort, either from people around me or small thing such as delicious food (or your favorite artist announcing their solo album yass).

A lovely friend from when I was staying in Japan came to my country for a study until December, and despite how much I wanted to spend more time with here, a meeting once in a month is already a blessing for me. She's such a kind and precious girl who had helped me a lot during my stay back then. She also taught me how to skate and said I might have a knack for it; yes, that was my first time skating.

It is through something like this; meeting friend and having a good time, just talking, forgetting depressing thought and having lovely time overall, that I gain my comfort from. I love being alone or having my own space and time but sometimes (or, lately), I feel like I need a company, it doesn't have to be two, just one, who's willing to pour all their attention to me and let me do the same to them.

This is getting into depressive note very fast w I apologize. On the brighter side, as I mentioned above, my favorite singer released his (2nd) solo album and it's absolutely glorious! I'd love to talk about it on another post.

Oh, don't forget to check lovely Amez's beauty blog blingvoyage,」which I sort of run together with her! See you next time!
2 comments on " It was a month ago "
  1. Glad you have some excellent company to enjoy your free time with!

    1. Hi Emi! Yes, I'm really thankful for my friends lately. I was an awkward turtle living under the rock these whole years, and when I eventually stepped out, I was blessed with these amazing people, online and offline :') I hope you're blessed with these kind of persons too.