Sunday, December 20, 2015

All Those Pinks

Guess What? I'm a closet pink lover, well, the soft-hued slightly pastel, milky, baby, and powder pink! I do not really wear pink clothes because it doesn't flatter my complexion and can make me look super ashy. For accessories like bags or shoes, I do not wear it simply because the color is prone to get dirty easily and is impractical. I show my love toward pink from small trinkets like makeup packaging, pencil pouch, pens, and card holder. Lately, I've been eyeing Ted Baker's phone/card holder which is made from powder pink patent leather. It's so gorgeous and it's discounted for half the price! Do you think I should get it or wait until that pretty wallet from Kate Spade got discounted? Hmm

Do you love pink as well? Do you have any color you actually love but do not wear it on public?
2 comments on " All Those Pinks "
  1. I really like the color grey but I don't wear it often because I feel like it shows sweat too easily (and the weather here is always sweat inducing!). I'm not sure I want to compensate with grey accessories though, haha. That could end up being very blah if not done the right way lol.

    1. IKR, Grey shirt can be quiet hard to pull in places with weathers like ours ><
      I think when it comes to gray accessories, we need to play with the texture a bit to make it more fun and chic ;)