Saturday, January 23, 2016

Some Saturday Hauling

Hullo, happy Saturday! Since the year end sale is still going on, I did some shopping today with my sister. In the past two years, I haven't been buying much clothes or shoes, especially last year where I dedicated almost all my shopping budget for beauty related thing rather than clothing. Thus, my wardrobe was in dire need of some reorganizing and there's no better time to shop than sale season, right?

Clothes that I wore in 2015 were pretty much the same with what I wore in 2014 to the point my mom was telling me to buy new clothes at least once every month. Stradivarius has been my favorite as of late because they seem to always have whatever I want at the moment. Style wise, they fit my taste as well! I remember having serious crush at their fall collection last year and I had to conceal my excitement when I found all of them were on sale for 50% off! I ended up with three button-ups and one tank top. I almost purchase some knits until I realized half clothes I bought last year (3 out of 6) were all knits.

Clothes were not the only things I bought at Stradivarius. They released quiet a lot of fedoras last season and I only managed to snatch 1 last year. I grabbed this red-brown one after seeing they also shaved the price off about 40%. The rings were thrown on impulse after seeing the star and moon details on it (I'm weak to them).

Still, my wardrobe was faring better compared to my shoes; I pretty much only wore three pair of shoes in the last 2 years. What can I say? I'm really picky when it comes to shoes, with my feet size (7-7 1/2) buying shoes is not the easiest thing to do hence my tendency to stick with same shoes for a long time. I've been wearing a pair of flat from Zara practically every single day to the point they're barely presentable (worn, dull, there was even a hole on the side).

Also, my cousin is holding his wedding next month and I'm in serious lack of party-proper shoes (the other shoes I have are boots). VNC wasn't having any particular sale but I remember having a little crush at Mary-jane shoes that Amez bought back in October. Long story short, I hit the store, ask for my size, tried it on, and somehow I ended up with another pair of flat because; CHAMPAGNE and they are so comfortable to wear! The Mary-jane comes with sequined heels, they can be too dressy/fancy for work but nothing that black shirt-skirt combo cannot tone down.

That's all I purchased today. There's actually one more item that I wanted but since it's still full-priced and seeing that I can actually get it with half the price with some little patience, I'm adding this bomber jacket to my wishlist for summer sale.

What was the latest thing you purchase? Have you add anything to your wishlist?

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