Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Sunday Face

Hullo! As I was sipping my daily fix of ice English Breakfast this morning, I was suddenly overcome with an urge to; put on your make-up right. now!  Which was weird because I have absolutely no plan of going out today. Autopilot did my body went and when I realized, I was already combing my lashes with my mascara (which I stupidly forgot to add in the picture above).

My base routine is very boring since I basically stay with same products since last year, and, yes, Bobbi Brown dominate my makeup stash, what can I do when they just get along well with my skin? Their cream eye shadow in 01 bone did a really great job in making my eye shadow more vivid, they crease after around 5 hours mark but to be fair, thanks to my oily mine of a face, nothing can stay without creasing on my lids. However, the eye shadow on my brow bone (away from the oiliness) stay for about 10 hours!

Makeup Forever Artist Shadow isn't getting a lot of love lately despite their outstanding performance because I'm trying to use out my TooFaced Natural Eyes Palette but I pulled them out this morning because I want something more simple and understated. Since I'm just staying at home, I keep the lips simple with MAC Cosmo, another thing in my Project Empty. Lastly, I'm still totally smitten with the spiciness that Voyage D'Hermes gives me.

I found myself getting into fragrance lately, what's your favorite perfume as of late?

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