Thursday, January 7, 2016

"tukimacchi" is now "seleneaddicted"

Looking back, I have always wanted to make a blog centered around beauty around 2012-ish. It was also the year when I got interested in makeup related things despite being a whoa, makeup, no, stay away-person in the previous year. However, I never got around to do it because I think I lack both the confidence and knowledge about it. I tried to do another thing aka. a little bit fashion related and I think since I started this blog in 2013, I was always in a state where I'm actually at lost about what I truly want to do with this blog.

2014 marked my inactivity in blogging sphere. It got more in my shift of interest and busy IRL even though blogging was always in the back of my mind. I got a little hang of it back in 2015 but the platform was Instagram instead of blogspot. From there, I sort of discovered that; hey, I really am into all these beauty thing, aren't I? This was touched briefly in my previous post and I expressed as well I'm trying not to clutter this blog with too much beauty related thing.

But then new year came and it got me thinking about a lot of things. Truth is, I'm just afraid. I'm someone who naturally got bored easily hence my tendency to quickly lost interest. However, 2015 has proven that I'm actually capable of staying constant with one interest; beauty related thing. I thought about it a lot by the end of last year before finally thinking; hell yeah, why not?

And here I am, changing the blog's name and URL once again. Once in The Blue Moon is now Selene Addicted. This is still a 'lifestyle' blog above everything but more centered around beauty. I still do contribution post on blingvoyage of course, and I will be thankful if you can visit both blogs.

So, welcome and I hope you enjoy your stay here! Have a nice day!
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