Saturday, February 27, 2016

Review: Makeup Forever Artist Plexi-Gloss 406 Burgundy

Makeup Forever Artist Plexi-Gloss has to be one of the most underrated lip product ever. With it's smack dab amazing quality, it's a wonder why people aren't talking more about this. This lip lacquer is described as 'A triple-impact lip gloss with buildable color and high-shine that stays put.' on MUFE's website.

The shade I picked is '406 Burgundy' , I don't think I need to explain the color since the name is pretty much self-explanatory. True to its claim, this gloss is very pigmented, one swipe gives you an opaque and rich color. They said the color is buildable, but when one dip is already enough to give me an intense color to fill in my whole lips, I do not see the need of building up. The finish is shiny without being too wet, but the shine gradually fades overtime into a somewhat satin finish.

Artist-plexi gloss is very lightweight, it doesn't dry my lips, nor it settle into fine lines. The formula is absolutely amazing, coupled with its longevity, which is around 5-6 hours with eating and constant drinking, I gotta say this really changed my standard of lip gloss! For me, this got to be my 'game changer' product. Beside its top notch formula, it opens my eyes for the wonder of dark, bold lips could do to my face.

Have you tried any MUFE Artist Plexi-gloss? What's your favorite dark lip color?

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