Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Pink Lips Edit

I think I forgot mentioning in my first blog post that this month will be entirely devoted to pink. I wouldn't even try to defend myself by saying; no, this absolutely has nothing to do with Valentine. Which happened to be tomorrow! Seeing as I'm single and perfectly happy, I will be spending the day hanging out with lovely Amez swatching makeup shamelessly endlessly while picking a gift for a friend. And, whoops, today we won't be talking about that, but let's talk about some pink lip product picks!

1. Jill Stuart Fruit balm in 02 Pink; first, I'm so sorry for the pathetic excuse of probably the best lipbalm I've every tried of all time. Having a very picky on top of dry, chapped lips, I'm struggling to find the one that really works on me. As you can see, this one got a real lot of loving for its moisturizing quality and it gives me the loveliest pink sheen as well!

2. Dior Lip Glow in Pink; the ever so classy and classic Lip Glow from Dior. I got this as souvenir from my uncle's Euro Trip and even if this was the only makeup related thing I received, I didn't feel disappointed at all because of how gorgeous this is. Sadly, not as moisturizing as Jill Stuart's balm but it still gets the work done.

3. Jill Stuart Lip Blossom in Amaryliss Poetry; excuse the typo. I think I have talked enough about this in my previous post. A perfect lipstick for someone with relatively dry lips and cool-toned/fair skin who wants a subtle or barely there vivid pink on your lips.

4. MAC in Cosmo; the classic pink-brown color. This is my favorite of out the bunch. It also performed the best out of all products mentioned there; opaque, long-lasting, and non-drying. Office appropriate doesn't equal to non-office appropriate, a perfect every day color that with the right eye makeup, can give your a classic, polished, and lady-like look.

5. Candy Doll in Lemonade Pink; probably the closest to nude-lips I owned. I'm quiet ambivalent about this lipstick, all I can say is this gets a great formula. The opacity is medium and can be layered for more opaque and nude color. With satin finish, this nude pink lipstick is a good pair for heavy, smokey eyes.

6. NYX Xtreme Shine Lipstick in Candy Land; I got this from my co-worker and have only tried it once or twice. With it's blue undertone, the color doesn't work that well for me which refrains further usafe. However, it's not as sticky as I expected it to be after initial swatch. For anyone who's looking for great liquid lipstick under the budget, I'm sure you have turned your way to NYX, but, hey! One more reminder won't hurt.

7. Jill Stuart Lip Jewel in Coral Kiss; same with Jill Stuart's Lip Blossom above, I've talked enough about this on my previous post. This leans more toward nude pink than coral but it doesn't diminish the fact that it's a lovely gloss with the finest particle of glitter, you can barely tell at all.

Those are some of my favorite pink lips products, what's yours? Do you have any particular lipstick color you love to wear on Valentine Day?

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