Saturday, February 6, 2016

To do February

Hullo! I'm sure you have heard this thousand of times already, but; I can't believe we're a month into 2016! For February, there're quiet a lot of events to attend; my parent's wedding anniversary, parent's birthday, my best friend's birthday, cousin's wedding, work related event. Needless to say, my weekends are pretty packed even before the month even begin and it saddens me because it means less time for photographing and writing. However, I'm getting back into my planningroutine and I have to admit it really helps me getting works done! Below are some my To-do for this month;

1. More healthy lifestyle, I need to shave at least 1 kg this year. Less snacking/eat out, saves money
2. Find a time in between busy weekends to photograph/write. I figured the shorter time I have, the more focused I am
3. Read more about SEO and content marketing in between. It's both work and hobby related.
4. Be more consistent on instagram post. At least 3 times a week.
5. Minimum of 6 blog entry for a month
6. Sort out my wishlist this year and starts budgeting
8. Quote of the month; the hardest thing in any experience is taking the first step

acceptance over understanding
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