Friday, March 11, 2016

Addicted to Alice

Out of all fairy tale character, Alice from Lewis Carol's infamous Alice in Wonderland is definitely my favorite. My addiction to Alice began around my first year of junior high where I, quiet suddenly, fancy everything Alice related. There's something mysteriously charming about the whole story of Alice in Wonderland, it's curious, carries a little darkness in it but beautiful yet bizarre at the same time.I started collecting Alice-related things and while some of them had been lost together with time, I still keep some along with me.

Alice in Wonderland and Through The Looking Glass by Lewis Carol; this novel is quiet old already with its yellowing, dog-eared paper sbut I read it time to time when I was stuck or uninspired. It has peculiar smell of old book, and frankly speaking, I love it. They sell this bundled with a limited edition Alice Moleskin notebook but I'm still on the fence whether I should buy it or not. I mean; the notebook is so pretty.

Disney Alice in Wonderland 2014 Planner; this was the only planner I used back in 2014. I bought this at The Plaza, Shinjuku. They got another design in blue with White Rabbit instead of Alice. The inside is really pretty and colorful, I wish I could get another planner like this but alas, none was available in my country. Like other standard Japanese planner, it got subway map at the very back.

Alice Pencil Case; saw this at local book store and I cannot resist. They got two designs; this one and another one in black and red heart (like the card holder) but I got myself this one for the beautiful peachy pink color. Despite its small size, it actually fits a lot of things.

Alice Card Holder; I actually bought two of these, one for me and for my mom. Mom's is in similar design but with red spades on white instead of red heart on red like mine. They got whole series of Alice themed stationery, the last time I checked, they still got it in store. I'm keeping my eyes on the notebooks next.

Beyond Alice Dress Handcream; this birthday gift was mentioned on my February Favorite. Some friend is no stranger to my addiction with Alice. I wear this everyday to make sure my hand is soft enough since I spend a long time inside air conditioned room.

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