Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Head over Heels for Laneige

To be honest, Laneige was totally out from my radar until last year when everyone on twitter were talking about it, especially the water sleeping mask which does wonder, especially for people with dry skin. I started to grow conscious over Laneige after that, unconsciously checking their product at Sephora Online Store or Sociolla. One important thing before buying something for me is what brand does it come from, which explains why I rarely buy what other people hyped up. Sure UD Naked is so popular but UD's 'aesthetic' is not exactly mine so I'm more than happy to let it go. Fortunately, Laneige's and mine seem to get along together and it was the last straw to my 'resistance'.

I ventured into Laneige when I was looking for a product that helps combating my white/blackheads. I was introduced into their Blackhead Melting Gel and immediately , I was converted into a Laneige believer. The second product I tried was their Ligt Balancing Emulsion. If you ever read about Korean 10 Steps skincare routine, emulsion equals to essence, but for my oily skin (and frankly, because I cannot care less about difference between essence and emulsion enough) this is enough as moisturizer. The result is visible in a month when I noticed my skin is brighter and acne scars fade faster. I got myself a couple of new items from Laneige as I mentioned in my previous post. So far I'm liking all of them but it's not enough to satisfy my Laneige cravings (obviously), I have my eyes on their BB Cushion Pore Control and Lip Sleeping Mask.

Have you tried any Laneige Products? What do you think about them?

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