Wednesday, March 9, 2016

My Morning 'Routine'

My morning routine consist of dragging myself awake at 4 am every morning before hitting the gym 2 hours later (if traffic allowed it), then spent about an hour there before collapsing at any empty chair in Starbucks with a venti Ice Earl Grey and a slice of wheat bread with sesame oil dressing (some fancy Starbucks pastry when budget allows). Then I will pull out my Jeeva Journal and some colorful pens before doodling writing down what I have to do for the day (scribbling how much money I've used for the treat today). Depending on how late I am, sometimes I have a full hour left to spend doing the most mundane of things like reading or scrolling down my twitter and instagram feeds. The other will left me with so little time to even fill in my journal before I scramble off and pray I can make it to the office on time. 

That was my morning 'routine'. As you can see, I'm not spared with luxuries to yawn and stretch in bed with so little time to waste (at least until I hit Starbucks). It's not what other people viewed as 'ideal morning' but for me this is the best I can have, for now, and seeing as I have little to complain about this routine, I don't think I'm willing to trade it for any other 'routine' for a while.

acceptance over understanding
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