Sunday, March 13, 2016

New in March

We're almost halfway through May and look at how much new products I already have under my belt. It's truly frightening sometimes watching how my collection, which supposed to grow in snail-like pace, sometimes can fast-forward to "Two eyeshadows and a blush in a month!?". Now, dont' get me wrong, while for other beauty enthusiast two eyeshadows and a blush is a little, it's a lot for me. Unfinished product makes me insane while a sight of pan brings me joy. I'm easily guilt-tripped so even if the thought of my Muji drawer overflowing with pretty, dainty blushes excited me, the sight of the sole blush that I had been using throughout 2015 is not even showing a tinny-weenie peek of pan drove me mad. Please do forgive me.

However, March found me with a slew number of new products. Let's just pray (at least for my sake), that they're not growing in number by the time April began. I will try not to delve in too much about some products since full-on review should be coming later.

Bath and Body Works Mahogany Teakwood Concentrated Room Fragrance; my absolute favorite candle from BBW is their Mahogany Teakwood, and basically anything with wood in it, really. I've been putting myself off from buying candles despite how effortless they're in helping me overcoming my insomnia because they don't exactly come up cheap here, so this concentrated room fragrance is really a life saver. One spray and it filled my room with the most relaxing scent ever.

Laneige White Plus Skin Refiner; I meant to get their Power Essential Skin Refiner Light to go with my Balancing Emulsion Light but they're out of stock while my current toner/refiner is on the verge of running out. I'm complete paranoid when it comes to toner so I decided to go with whatever they had at the moment. I ended up with this one which is targeted for people with dull skin. This might not be what I had in mind but I do not regret it, especially with how I only have good experience with Laneige so far.

Kiko Long Lasting Stick in 05 Rosy Brown and 27 Burgundy; the highly coveted Kiko eyeshadow sticks are finally in my hand /insert sinister laugh here/. These are my first eyeshadow stick as well. With how many morning I find myself in the gym and going to office right after, I figured I need something more handy and practical for my eyes instead of carrying eyeshadow palette with extra brushes. So far they're as amazing as what people and their mothers said!

The Body Shop Shimmer Waves in Rose; this originally belong to Amez but she didn't use it as often so I /shamelessly/ asked it from her. Since my skin is deeper, this comes out as rose-toned highlighter than a bronzer as it has been marketed as. This gives me a nice subtle sheen that doesn't make my oily skin oilier. I still cannot say whether I 'love' it or not, I think I need more use to decide.

Laneige Power Essential Skin Refiner Light & Perfect Renew Firming Eye Cream (travel size); So I had successfully converted my mom into a Laneige believer. A trip to Laneige with my mom and her friend whose daughter is also a believer, ended up with a free travel size kit and a calendar. My favorite thing happened to be the calendar because the aesthetic is so gorgeous but I think nobody want to hear me raving about a calendar here. However since dad just bought her a skincare set from Estee Lauder (her one and only true love brand), she only picked the essence and serum, leaving me with eye cream and toner. Luckily, this is the exact toner I was looking for and I have no eye cream with me so I accepted them gratefully. I mean, what kind of good daughter refused skincare from their mother, right?

These are the new products I found myself with halfway through March. What have you bought so far?

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