Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Hand Cream Duo

I never see the need of Hand Cream until my fingers got busted by nasty frost-bite two years ago. Just a week before kanji final exam. Brilliant. I always got Jill Stuart Hand Cream on the go ever since, too scared to leave this out of trauma more than anything even if the weather in my country forbid frost bite even happening. But, eh, I guess fear drives us illogical more than anything, right? I mean, two of my fingers will never retain their actual color thanks to the blisters, and I spent almost 24 hours inside air conditioned room so my reason of carrying Hand Cream can be somehow justified.

Jill Stuart Tuberose & Rose Hand Cream; has never leave my bag ever since I stopped developing those nasty frost-bite blisters. I freaked out when I ran out of prescribed hand cream and almost went crazy because the other 'medicated' hand cream I bought ad Honki didn't work. Between spur of the moment and my long-time adoration for Jill Stuart kicking in, I purchased one of this and never see any reason to stop purchasing it despite it being unavailable in my country. Not only it smells good and has heavenly packaging, it works over any 'medicated' hand cream out there, that should count for something.

BEYOND Alice Dress Glow Hand Cream; now, this hand cream doesn't suppose to make your hand glow in the dark or anything. This is thicker in consistency than Jill Stuart but not as moisturizing. My hand always feel 'thirsty' 2 hours after first application which leads to second. I'm not sure if this is a good sign but at least it makes sure that I apply hand cream every 2 hours or so.

I alternate between this two based on my mood, yes, ssh, I know, but I'm a true mood-driven person that even I need it to tell me which hand cream to use. As of late I've been pulling Beyond's one more since I'm almost running out of Jill Stuart one.

What's your favorite hand cream? Do you have any special reason behind your purchase?

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