Tuesday, March 15, 2016

This Skincare Routine Works

I decided that 2016 will be my 'Year of Skincare' so I tried to step up my skincare game by slowly incorporating new product to my regime at least 1 new product each month. For so long, my skincare routine only consist of double cleansing + toner + moisturizer. Starting last January, I began adding treatment product and you wouldn't believe the wonder it did to my skin.

Enter Kiehls' Blemish Control Daily Skin-clearing Treatment, it's supposed to clear any blemish and marks on my skin and I attest to you; this works. I suffer from hormonal acne (every period). It used to take 3-4 months until they fade (not completely), but this one shaved it to about 2 months or less. Now I even hesitate to take up concealer in fear of irritating the fading marks for everyday wear and settle with foundation-under eye concealer-powder only.

I also tried changing my way of using my favorite facial foam, Shiseido Senka Perfect Whip, which produced the most dense and cushion-y foam ever. I ditch the foaming net and go with my bare hand. It doesn't foam anymore but it feels very creamy and refreshing as opposed to the usual soft foam. I'm surprised with how I actually feel more cleansed compared to when I used it as dense and thick foam. To be honest, I cannot say if this small change really affect my skin at all but I can say the left side of my face feels smoother than ever.

Other staples in my routines are Shiseido Aqua Label Acne Care Toner and Laneige Balancing Emulsion Light. The first one had been my go to toner for a year. I started using Laneige for three months and noticed it had give a significant improvement to my skin as well. Excited to try more Laneige product since all of them had never broke me out before.

What's your current skincare routine? Have you altered your routine and find it working?

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