Friday, April 15, 2016

A Little Gift from South Korea

My dear friend, Mba Agi, went to South Korea by the end of last March. I only asked her to get The SHINee Popcorn from SM X SUM Market but she surprised me by getting me some more else.

At first, I wanted a SHINee tumblr, but I remember I have a 'mint-turqouise May' project coming to celebrate SHINee's anniversary, so I need to stock up on turqouise colored things. When she was asking me what I wanted to get, it just happened someone on twitter tweeted about this popcorn. I immediately fell in love, then told her I want to get this one, with the bottle being spare if she couldn't get hold of it. A review(?) of this is coming soon(?), but let me tell you, this thing is such a darling for photograph.

On April 1st, SHINee released a CV of Ottogi noodle snack after their last cf on 2009, it was pretty adorable and I got strangely sentimental, because, God, 2009 was years ago. Just after I was done watching the new cf, she contacted me via Line and said; "I got you that one." Ah, fate is such a lovely thing.

This one is also unexpected gift. Missha x Line collaboration is everyone on my instagram feed, from BB Cushion to Lipstick. She got me this handcream, which as you can see, is as cute as a button. Not only adorable, this one also smells really good (Mom, ever the hand cream-fiend, keep trying to try this before I got the chance to snap a picture of it, but I managed to guard it until the end lol).

SHINee assorted post-it notes;
I literally squealed in joy when I fished this out of plastic bag. I love post-it notes but I never get the fancy ones because I think it'll be such a waste if I'm going to throw it away later. Nevertheless, I'm really happy to get this one because the images are from some of my favorite photoshoot, the first one in blue is my absolute favorite.

Overall, I'm so thankful for her, she really is too kind for me even if we only got to know each other last year (I know, it always feels like I have known here since years ago). I'm going to return the favor when I go to Japan this June.

Do you have anything you want to try or get from South Korea?

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