Friday, April 29, 2016

April Favorite

Here we are in another monthly favorite and I will skip the /omg i can't believe this month is over/ paragraph because I'm sure you've read them countless of times on another blog already. So, onto my April favorites!

This lipstick had been sitting gathering dust in the bottom of my Muji drawer ever since I fell in love with dark burgundy lips. But one morning, I accidentally picked this instead of Cosmo (what can I do, MAC lipsticks look the same and I was in a hurry) then I found myself naturally reaching for this. Creamy and bold, this lisptick is also non-drying, more hydrating than Cosmo even.

I mentioned this lipstick on my previous post. My HG lipstick in every means possible, this lipstick just gives me that BAMF factor that ensures my look througout the day. Last through meals and drinks but I like to reapply during the middle of the day after lunch just out of habit.

I used to stay clear from BB Cream because of its greyish undertone but this BB Cushion changed my mind! It doesn't make my skin ashy but looks completely natural. The pore blurring effect and oil control is just as amazing.

Probably the most expenssive thing I have with me at the moment. I use this everynight before my blemish clearing cream without moisturizer because layering the two is too heavy for my face. Even then, my skin is not dry at all and every morning, my skin looks considerably brighter.

Red Velvet Album The Red and Mini The Velvet
Oh la, la, I did not expect to fall for Red Velvet at all until I heard their newest single 'One of These Nights'. The haunting and mythical quality of the song just drew me in, and before I know it, I've been listening to their 1st full album and humming to 'Dumb Dumb'non-stop. My favorites other than 'OOTN' are; Huff Puff, Oh Boy, Campfire, Time Slip, and First Time. My favorite member?? Of course it's Wendy and her endless derping.

This has been a lovely month so far, I learnt lots of new things (work-wise), and tackled new approach of communication (I'm such a failure when it comes to socializing, trust me). Also, I'm very happy that my blog is gaining followers on bloglovin. Still very little but it feels very good to know that there're people who found what I wrote interesting.

What are your April Favorite?

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