Tuesday, April 5, 2016

To do April

My To Do April is more a preparation for May, I realized. With my upcoming trip to Japan and other events such as SHINee's anniversary and my friends' birthday, I have so many things I have to prepare. You'd think than celebrating favorite artist birthday is silly but trust me, it runs in the fandom and it gives me another special day to look forward to. My To do April includes;

  1. do something for Jonghyun's birthday. Bake, buy cake, anything,
  2. start budgeting for Japan trip and making wishlist,
  3. Of course Visit embassy for visit permit,
  4. bulk write for May since I will be missing most of the time,
  5. take pictures for 'Turqoise May'. Yes, in May my instagram will be (almost) exclusively mint-blue in color,
  6. be more forgiving and sees from other people's perspective,
  7. read more about web marketing,
  8. quote of the month; there are not many things you can solely achieve on your own.
What are your goal this April?

acceptance over understanding

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