Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Cleansing Routine for Clean Pores

"Hello, Pore! We are here to purify you clean /insert wink emoji/" is what I imagined them say whenever I enter the bathroom during one of those 'pore pamper night'. Actually there is one more thing missing, my makeup remover from Shiseido, but I omit that since it doesn't specifically target pore problem. Remember what I said about pore-trouble care being mint green in color? This is the exact proof of that. I go through this routine two-times a week, depending on my skin condition and the makeup I wear (heavy or not). Ever since I started this routine, I found my face gets less pimple and my skin is smoother than before.

I have reviewed this last Friday so I will keep this minimum. This creamy cleansing foam helps removing makeup and dirt while thoroughly cleaning my pore at the same time. It also helps controlling excess sebum, and the smell is so heavenly! Definitely wake me up when I had to remove my makeup so late at night (half-asleep yet still feel the urge to clean yourself before hitting the bed? Me).

(oh my the name is mouthful). Probably the eldest skincare product I own to date, first purchased this back in 2012 and this is my third? Fourth? tube already. This facial scrub is oh-so gentle on the skin and doesn't strip my face from moisture albeit it does tingle a little at times. I only use this around my T-zone area because they're (typically) the part that suffer the most from onslaught of sebum.

/scream my love for this product from the top of a cliff/ /proceeds to do it a couple of times/ /sits back and write/
The 'culprit' behind my obsession for Laneige Pore-care line. This gel might not completely remove the black head but popping them out after this is easy peasy (bye bye, painful facial! So long!). Even before removing the pesky black and white heads, my nose and chin are so smooooooooooooooth after I used this one that I cannot stop rubbing them while I rinse with lukewarm water.

By the end of the week, I couple this with Kiehl's Rare Earth Clay Mask for more thorough cleansing. My big pores make it easy for an acne or two pop out (even during non-period) but these pretty, minty things right here really help me combating those unwanted pimples.

What are your trusted product to combat dirty pores?

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