Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Favorite Turquoise Non-beauty Product

After my sleep-over post a couple of weeks ago, I'm coming back with non-beauty related post! Still with turquoise/mint-green-themed post, this time it's for non-makeup products. While for makeup/skincare, the items are gathered unconsciously, I have to admit for non-beauty, I purposely look up for turquoise colored-items. Sadly, the color does not match my complexion well so I do not have any clothes/top in this color. But I have some items in this color that I always use, or carry around daily.

Stradivarius Embossed Card Holder in 505 Aquamarine

I mentioned this card holder in my 'New in April' post. This is both impulsive and non-impulsive purchase, I had wanted card holder in similar color in Kate Spade but I cannot justify the price (1 card holder equals to 20 cheeseburger set + McFlurry. I'm sorry, but #foodovereveyrthing). One random visit to Stradivarius then found me snatching this card holder to the cashier with very little thinking. It comes with a pocket where I store my namecards and Starbucks card.

Stradivarius Embossed Zip-Up Purse in 505 Aquamarine

Another 'I actually want the Kate Spade version of this but I can buy myself 60 sets of cheeseburger and McFlurry' item. This wallet was also present with the Card Holder but I didn't buy it until about a month later before a meeting. Actually, I was tight at budget but the staff told me this was the last one in entire store, AND in another branch as well. With what is thinking, this is the last item-mentality, I purchased this one, then literally dumped my old wallet before proceeding to meet my client. This turned out smaller than my old (tattered, and battered) wallet, but it holds more card in it which is really practical.

Daiichi 2016 Schedule Check (Calendar Type)

I have two of this; one is the 'journal type' which I keep in the office; then this 'calendar type' for blogging purpose. I write down all my blogging schedule in this one and keep it beside my laptop and desk calendar. Every beginning of the month, I will bring all my three planners (another one is from jeeva for all-around planner), and match schedule. Might not be the most convenient for detailed planning but for marking dates and scheduling, this comes in handy. Plus, the paper they're using is of high quality, thus it's really easy to write on this, some planner comes with measly paper which actually affects my writing.

Forget Me Not To-do List Desk Note

I purchased this when there was a bazaar at the lobby of my office building. They actually had other stationeries like greeting cards, notebooks, and planner but my eyes were naturally attracted to this one; turquoise, and bird? Check! I use this note to write down blogging or photo ideas, sometimes random thought that comes for my story as well, or even simply to list down what do I need to do for the day.

Starbucks Tumbler for Ice in Grande

Ha, I am that person who goes to Starbucks for their tea not their coffee (lies, I go there for coffee but I'm limiting my caffeine intake because sometimes it affect my skin) and have the tea-bag in for a whole day refill!Since I went there regularly, I thought of buying their tumbler but never had the motivation until I saw this one. There was a phase when I'm addicted to vintage, floral pattern and I think it still lives on even though just a tinny bit, plus, the turquoise color makes it hard for me to resist it. I just hope they come in venti size instead of Grande.

SMxSUM Market SHINee Gourmet Popcorn in Sweet & Salt

Oh, this gorgeous popcorn is back again. Meet the most beautiful popcorn tin you will ever see in your life! Actually, the whole popcorn products are drop-dead gorgeous, if I had a chance, I will be getting the Red Velvet, and maybe TVXQ one as well. Not only the packaging is pretty, the popcorn is also delicious, I have sadly run out of the actual content and now have the tin remained in my plant house for decorative and collective purpose. Have any idea what should I store inside?

The next turquoise colored item I'm looking for is probably bag, but since I'm really, really picky when it comes to bag, I don't see it happening until at least new F/W items arrive in store. I'm actually hoping for footwear as well, preferably strappy sandals with white-platform. Anyways, tomorrow is SHINee anniversary and I'm so excited to celebrate it by eating something special, I think I spot a peppermint cupcake in the new eatery near my office!

What are your non-beauty favorite? Do you like anything in turquoise color?

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