Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Long Weekend Recaps

We had a long weekend from Thursday to Sunday. Like any other holiday, it ended in a flash. Creativity-wise, I was not so productive (little writing and photographing), but I had much fun and I think that's the most important thing from holiday! I think what I did most of the time was eating and laughing, talking, because I spent three days with my friends.
- On Thursday; I watched Captain America Civil War with my sister. Originally, I was supposed to watch it with my other friends who're also Captain America enthusiast but their schedule was lenient enough to watch in on premiere day while mine was not. Of course even before watching I know I will be on #teamcap. Now I cannot wait for Infinity War to come soon even though it's probably not coming in two years. Also had sushi lunch! It's been months since I last ate sushi (I was really picky and only tolerate nigiri).

- On Friday; I lazed around until midday then I went to Pizza Hut, picking up Mba Agi whom I had not met since last January. Sure, we talked everyday on LINE or Twitter, but meeting the actual person is different, right? We ate cheese nachos and meat lover, grocery shop for Mac n Cheese ingredients, and cooked cheese ramyun with tteokpokki while watching Youtube videos.

- On Saturday; we practically did nothing. I woke up as usual at 5 am but Mba Agi was around 8? So until she woke up, I finished my 'internet ritual'; checking tumblr, blog, and twitter. Around 10 we made mac n cheese, then around 15 we made another cheese ramyun with tteokpokki. We ate is straight from the pan while watching Dugeun Dugeun India then spent the night away watching another videos on youtube (very productive).

- On Sunday; is karaoke day! We went for McDonald Drive Thru (me only for the coffee), drop by Amez' place to eat remaining mac n cheese while she made us grilled sausage before leaving for the actual fun of the day. It was 2 hours free session when we danced and sing like crazy (honestly, we cannot dance, it was sooo embarrassing). I proudly announced you that I scored the highest score (99 out of 100) :^). We crashed by Carl's Jr after that because a girls' day out is not complete without a healthy dose of junk foods.

For someone who generally spent her weekends tucked under her blanket watching youtube with twitter as her only means of communicating, last week was 'socially productive' for me. I'd love to have more time to hang out with my friends, and I hope it's coming again soon.

What did you usually do on holidays or long weekends?
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