Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May Favorite

It's time for another monthly favorite! I didn't buy any new makeup product this month, so makeup/skincare-wise, I was just religiously staying to my routine up until now because they've given me satsifying result so far! I know I keep saying this, but I swear; my skin has never been better since I'm starting this routine. While I will share about them somewhere around July (oops, long, I know), I will mention one product that I think is the 'culprit' behind this. On to my May Favorite!

Kiehls's Midnight Recovery Concentrate

The infamous cult's favorite and 'the culprit'. I purchased this back early April, two months later, all bumps bid goodbye to my face and the periodic acne is minimized to one! I can understand why people swore by this, this has proven to live up its claim! I still remember when I first asked the tester of this, the SA told me, "Comeback with your healthy skin!", and he was right. I used three drops every night as the final product in my routine, and two months later, it barely show any sign of diminishing. I must say, I'm a firm Kiehl's believer right now, none of their product has disappoint me, and I get the result they promised in a month.

Masami Shouko Eyeshadow Brush

Back when I was just starting to dip my toe into the world of beauty and makeup, all bloggers recommend this brand. Cheap as chips, this brush is the second one I bought from Masami Shouko back in 2012 (the first one was an angled brush). Back then, I still don't know a cent or two about applying eyeshadow but now I'm more (a teeny wee bit) experienced, I finally do this baby justice. I've been exclusively using this brush for my makeup this whole month, useful for depositing color all over the lid, crease color, and blending too. Very handy especially since I went to gym pretty much everyday this May, not exactly having luxury to bring 10913 brushes just for my eye makeup.

Living Proof Style Lab Straight

I shall sing my praise up to the moon. This hair spray helps keeping my wild and unruly hair from being wild and unruly. I bought this back in November but at the time I wasn't using it the right way so my impression of this product fell pretty flat. However, I finally figured that this really works wonder when sprayed on wet/damp hair before blow-drying. I'm about to run out of this one but still considering whether to buy the full size or the travel size again like this one (practicality, anyone??)

Jill Stuart Nail Polish Horoscope Nail in Observant Virgo

O, Jill Stuart and their pretty nail polishes.  I don't have much nail polish but if I have to buy one, I wouldn't want anything that's not Jill Stuart. They usually last about 2-3 days until beginning to chip (but I play around with my nail a lot, so far no polish survive perfectly intact in 2 days), but this one is a though one. Their horoscope nail line is all about mimicking starry sky and constellation, hence the overflowing glitter/shimmer in it. This one is particularly chunky and gritty (very obvious when you paint them), hard to remove but since this stay relatively without bugging and is drop-dead gorgeously pretty, I'm willing to spend 30 minutes scrubbing it off.

Stradivarius Platform Sandals

Stradivarius has officially become my favorite retail store; from t-shirt to formal wear, from wallet to shoes, did I mention 80% of fashion-related items I bought this year is from Stradivarius? While I'm familiar with their clothing, I haven't had a chance to try their footwear (my pickiness level when it comes to footwear is like, 10 times of clothing) until I tried this on the store when I was looking for comfortable yet stylish platform footwear that's great for traveling. This was okay, not exactly my size (I'm 40-41, this is 39), but comfortable enough. Mom decided to buy this for me and I haven't stop wearing this ever since. I like the 'resort' feel that comes with this, and the (surprising) comfort that it gives me make this all the move love-able for me.

Captain America Civil War

Ho boy, no explanation needed. I saw this twice. If only I had time, I'd watch it thrice. Carry on!

Jonghyun The First Album 'She is'

Of course I will mention this, my favorite singer-songwriter (lyricist, composer, novelist, dancer, radio dj, human rights and equality supporter) ever! I don't have any song that I do not like in this album, everything is jam-worthy, so, please don't ask me to pick favorite. I've been hearing that this album is more appreciated in western-music market for its 'modern-sound' (or so they said, I don't know fancy musical words, I'm sorry). As his fans, I sincerely think this album represents 'him and his sound'. Ever since this was released, all I wanna do is hijack gym's music playlist and play this album because, God, will this get everyone pumped. The title track 'She is' is described as electro-funk, addictive chorus and repeating "Oh, she is" that will surely stuck in your head after first listen. I reckon you give it a try even if you don't understand a bit what he's saying (psst, I don't too ;) ).

That has been my May Favorite. What is your favorite things this months?

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