Friday, May 20, 2016

Quick Hack for My Oily Skin

My struggle with the excess sebum of my face is far from ending. In Indonesia's mild yet humid climate, it's almost impossible for my face to even retain dryness. While I'm thankful for that (I experienced dry skin once and for the first time, I was grateful for my oily skin), I can't deny that I wish they're a little bit more control-able. While primer - matte foundation - powder does help, the limited time I have during weekday mornings left me virtually no time for such perfect routine. These are some products other than blotting paper that I depend on during those days;

Ah, dear Laneige BB Cushion, how many times did I sing you praise this last couple of month? I think I've explained enough why I love this product. Fuss-free, excellent oil control, and that mint color, I think I should stop here before I narrate another paragraph that will bore you to death. Or maybe I'm a little bit closer to convince you that you need this in your makeup arsenal? I sincerely hope so #enabler

This limited edition (sorry) face mist was released last May. Promising instant solution and refreshment for oily skin during the day, this mist also comes in super cute yet elegant light-green bottle with diamond-cut plastic lid. The SA told me this can be used as primer to tighten your pore. While I cannot vouch for this claim, I've used this a couple of times as toner and it's super refreshing. My favorite way of using this is as face mist and makeup fixer; spray after I applied my makeup or in the middle of the day when my face starts to get oily, gently pat them, and they're as good as new. This smells so good, literally a God-sent when I sprayed this on after walking miles in under the scorching heat of Jakarta.

What are your favorite oil-fighter products?
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