Friday, May 27, 2016

Review | Beyond Alice in Wonderland Eyeshadow in Signature Alice

I sincerely wish I’m not the only person who failed her shopping ban #bloggerproblem, because that’s what happened to me a couple of weeks ago. I happened to stumble upon Beyond Indonesia’s instagram account and found out the Alice Collaboration Collection (which was actually released last summer) is finally available in Indonesia. I swear I tried to resist but then I saw this beautiful eyeshadow in turqoise color. Remeber my addiction to Alice in Wonderland and my turqoise May project. Combined these two together, and it was enough force to make me literally threw my resistance out the window; I need to have this babe, right now.

Beyond, a Korean skincare and makeup brand, collaborated with Alice in Wonderland/Disney to bring this dreamy and whimsical collection. This limited edition collection have BB Cushion, cream blush, lip tint, cream eyeshadow, hand cream, and nail polishes. I was gifted the hand cream on my birthday last year, and honestly, I was not that interested with the other products (on lipstick ban, cream blush does not work well on me, just purchased BB Cushion), but the eyeshadow caught my attention purely for the color alone. Quick research on internet told me that this cream eyeshadow is more pressed pigment/glitter than rich, mouse-like cream eyeshadow.

True to that, Beyond Alice in Wonderland Cream Eyeshadow in 08 Signature Alice feels dry and crumbly to the touch compared to other cream eyeshadow I’ve tried, thankfully, it’s not patchy. The color is sky-blue with green glitter, resulting in the most flattering, multi-dimensional turqoise color ever! I love swatching this on the back of my hand and watches the light changes the color around, it’s unbelieveably pretty! One swipe gives me a sheer wash of color, I usually pack around two or three layer, just to make the color more pop and vivid. Despite it’s dry texture, I do not experience fall-out whatsoever.

I apply this using my finger because my zoeva brush cannot pick this up. Since I’ve only worn this alone – with my finger at that – with no other eyeshadow, I cannot vouch for it’s blend-ability but I suspect this is not an eyeshadow to blend, but rather to pack on like glitter/pigment. So far, I am loving this cream eyeshadow and am helplessly in love. I never face any problem with this one, but if you love your cream shadow to be on blendable and creamy side, this might not be the one for you.

Have you tried any Beyond Product? What’s your favorite colorful eyeshadow?

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